Operations and Initiatives


  • Facilities Management has supported the purchase of flex fuel vehicles into the UWRF campus fleet along with the development of a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV) ordinance. University Production Services, Postal Services, and Police and Parking utilize electric vehicles throughout the year while Grounds and Maintenance rents 3 e-gators in the summer months.
  • UWRF works with Enterprise and the CarShare program to provide 2 vehicles for students on campus to rent. The Office of Sustainability has negotiated this to be a free service for UWRF saving $4,000-$6,000 annually.
  • 46.40% of UWRF students use a more sustainable method of transportation to and from class such as walking, bicycling, carpooling, and/or vanpooling.
  • 25.40% of UWRF employees, faculty and staff, report using a more sustainable method of transportation such as walking, bicycling, carpooling, and/or vanpooling.
  • UWRF has many programs and organizations that support sustainable transportation including:
    • Students living on UWRF campus have access to 90 individual bike lockers.
    • UWRF provides students with bicycle parking near all residential, and non-residential buildings within 50ft.
    • UWRF supports multiple community bicycle programs such as the RF Bicycle and Pedestrian plan created in 1995, and the We Bike River Falls campus community collaboration.
    • In 2015, UWRF collaborated with the City of River Falls to establish the Blue Bike Program, citizens of River Falls. Multiple bike racks with blue bikes are scatted around the city along with one on campus.
    • In 2013, all bicycle rentals were available for free for students at Kinni Outdoor Adventures.
    • The Enterprise CarShare available to students, faculty, and staff on campus has existed since 2012 and offers car rentals at hourly, and daily rates.

An active ‘UWRF Carpooling’ Facebook pages links students in need of a ride together along with a carpooling billboard in the UWRF University Center.