Operations and Initiatives

Buildings and Grounds


  • Jessie H. Ames Suites is rated LEED-NC v2009 Gold Certification.
  • UWRF has reduced its total building energy consumption per unit of floor area from baseline data collected in 2005 by 23.64%.
  • Jessie H. Ames Suites has solar panels which are used to heat the hot water for the building. The Regional Development Institute utilizes solar panels for hot water as well as some electrical needs for the building.
  • 63.28% of products purchased by the custodial staff at UWRF are third party verified and meet recognized sustainability standards.


  • UWRF has reduced its usage of sand/silt in winter months by 50% in the past 5 years.
  • The Campus Mall plan developed in 2013 focused on the use of native plants and grasses to minimize the use of irrigation techniques.

Heating Plant