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December 14, 2018: Plastic straws, bags seeing less use on UWRF campus

December 14, 2018: Gender and Sexuality Alliance welcomes students

December 14, 2018: International Friendship Program strives for multicultural experiences

November 16, 2018: UW-River Falls raises awareness for mental health

November 16, 2018: Higher Learning Commission assesses UW-River Falls

October 12, 2018: Grad school week encourages students to continue their education

October 12, 2018: UW-River Falls hosts the annual, 'Run with the Cops', event in support of Special Olympics

October 12, 2018: SALSA hosts local hemp farmers for presentation

October 12, 2018: Green space, street extension, science building among changes coming to UWRF

May 4, 2018: Marketing Communications Professor Amelia Reigstad conducts study analyzing gender roles in the workplace

April 27, 2018: UWRF students honored by Wisconsin ASABE

April 20, 2018: UWRF professor discovers key findings in new gender study

April 20, 2018: University partnership gives students visiting from China experience in American culture; both the good and the bad

April 13, 2018: UWRF receives gold STARS rating in sustainability evaluation

April 13, 2018: Relay for Life aids in funding cancer research at River Falls High School

April 6, 2018: Clubs and initiatives have stumbled, but sustainability still lives at UW-River Falls

April 6, 2018: UW-River Falls receives STARS gold rating for sustainability

March 30, 2018: Head of EPA's conflict of interest leads to potential environmental disaster

March 23, 2018: BRIDGE uses Campus Life program to give adults with disabilities a glimpse of college

March 23, 2018: Bee Club aiming to revive interest, bringing bees to campus

March 23, 2018: Mental health is something that society needs to take seriously

March 23, 2018: Women in Hollywood are beginning to show off what they are capable of

March 9, 2018: Small changes can have a big effect on campus life

March 2, 2018: River Falls city council votes to remove Kinni River dams

March 2, 2018: Bowls for Hope event to benefit Family Resource Center St. Croix Valley is March 6

March 2, 2018: RiseUp, Western Wisconsin! motivates people to take action against injustice

March 2, 2018: Environmental protection should be considered a priority for our country

February 23, 2018: Glen Park to see Suspension bridge placed on the State Register of Historic Places

February 16, 2018: Advice from program alumni on studying abroad: just do it

February 9, 2018: UW-River Falls grad makes mark during Super Bowl week, raises awareness about homelessness

February 9, 2018: Abundant options at UW-River Falls make college life easier for vegans

February 2, 2018: Collegiate Farm Bureau organization educates, advocates for agriculture: a voice and a vision

February 2, 2018: To address issues with student food insecurity, UWRF joins forces with community food pantry

February 2, 2018: More than 1,000 students from 42 schools participate in annual Science Olympiad event


December 15, 2017: In terms of diversity, CAFES needs improvement

December 8, 2017: Honors Program fights against hunger with pennies

December 8, 2017: Scaling back national parks disrupts future preservation

December 1, 2017: UWRF 'Year of South Korea' seeks to bridge gaps between cultures at home and abroad

December 1, 2017: Future STEM teachers receive tuition stipends for graduate program

December 1, 2017: Revised air quality regulations are for profit, not the health of the public

November 17, 2017: In Kinni River projects, terms like 'restoration' and 'natural' may not mean what many think

November 17, 2017: UW-River Falls working to not only recruit, but also reassure inner-city high schoolers of color

November 17, 2017: On Climate Change and Free Speech

November 17, 2017: Providing scientific context for the idea of human-caused climate change

November 10, 2017: UW-River Falls climate is chilly toward women, students of color and people with disabilities

November 10, 2017: Ask before you assume: creating campus inclusivity

November 10, 2017: Here first but nearly forgotten, Native Americans celebrate their cultural heritage this November

November 3, 2017: From farm fields to Florida: UWRF students' research yields rewarding and valuable trip

November 3, 2017: River Falls Blue Bike Program looks to expand new program after promising first two years

November 3, 2017: Student Senate Update: Oct. 24

October 27, 2017: Stopping sexual violence should be 'On Us' in this year's 'Week of Action' at UW-River Falls

October 20, 2017: 'Green Fund' advocates planning new campaign to raise awareness and fees

October 20, 2017: Shuttles, new lot spaces could alleviate campus parking problems

October 20, 2017: New social media campaign brings awareness to issues of sexual assault

October 13, 2017: Working journalist Farrah Fazal exposes social injustice

October 13, 2017: Water Bar art installation features the value of clean drinking water

October 13, 2017: We are family: UWRF Latinos find meaning and explore past in Hispanic Heritage Month


October 6, 2017: Sustainability Ugly: Ugly food might solve the under-balanced college diet

September 29, 2017: Kinni Corridor Project seeking public input on changes

September 29, 2017: UWRF makes Sierra Club's 'Cool Schools' list

September 29, 2017: McNair Scholars Program grant renewed at UWRF

September 29, 2017: Hurricane impact causes deeper look at climate change

September 22, 2017: UWRF named 2018 U.S. News & World Report Best Regional University

September 22, 2017: New sustainable justice minor cuts across disciplines and careers at UW-River Falls

May 5, 2017: Proposal to remove dams sparks concerns about ecology

May 5, 2017: It's On Us returns to UW-River Falls campus

May 5, 2017: Publishing climate change denial pieces is damaging

April 28, 2017: Issues over student government election lead to disciplinary action

April 28, 2017: Demonizing climate change skeptics hinders progress

April 28, 2017: UW-River Falls Ag Day promotes awareness of agriculture

April 21, 2017: Consumerism addressed as part of original sketch comedy 'STUFF II: Consumption Dysfunction'

April 21, 2017: Interactive Ag Day to be held at UWRF April 25

April 21, 2017: It's important to show politicians we care about the planet this Earth Day

April 21, 2017: Community supported agriculture, food awareness gains popularity in River Falls area

April 14, 2017: Anxiety rates climb among students at UWRF, nationally

April 14, 2017: University Theatre presents 'STUFF II: Consumption Dysfunction'

April 14, 2017: UWRF receives Silver Rating for sustainability achievements

April 7, 2017: Study abroad trip explores sustainability of Irish farming

March 31, 2017: 'Greenovation' student fee moves forward

March 31, 2017: UWRF farm repopulates after outbreak of swine disease

March 31, 2017: Proposed budget plan could reduce work-study program

March 24, 2017: Potential changes in federal water pollution rules could have effect on local watersheds

March 24, 2017: Emergency services among those covered by student fees

March 24, 2017: Advertising that degrades women no longer works, needs to stop

March 24, 2017: Annual Nilsestuen Legacy Event to be held March 27

March 10, 2017: Food pantry may be coming to UW-River Falls

March 10, 2017: Despite federal reversal on transgender bathrooms, local officials don't plan change

March 10, 2017: UWRF biologists aim to help with solving winter bee loss

March 10, 2017: A Day Without a Woman serves important purpose in society

March 3, 2017: Reducing food waste at UW-River Falls is mission for Chartwells, campus officials

March 3, 2017: Wisconsin Natural Resources is magazine that needs to be saved

March 3, 2017: Inclusivity means standing up for what's right even when it's hard

March 3, 2017: Warmer weather results in wildlife getting active sooner

February 24, 2017: UWRF receives 70 recycling bins through grant program

February 17, 2017: Celebrating 10-year anniversary: Little-known facts about the University Center

February 17, 2017: UW-River Falls student leaders may soon make decision on long-awaited green fee proposal

February 17, 2017: The long history of immigration has shaped America

February 10, 2017: Student researchers find littering a problem on campus

February 3, 2017: UWRF Check Yourself campaign receives criticism

February 3, 2017: In this political turmoil, the time to stand up for the environment is now


December 16, 2016: CAS looks to the future with recovery from budget cut

December 16, 2016: Alumni Spotlight: Cara Rubis, University Center director

December 9, 2016: Food pantry numbers only tell part of the story

December 9, 2016: Options for Women presents some, but not all, options

December 9, 2016: Safety pin movement comes to UWRF to show support for equality

December 9, 2016: Wildlife officials urge caution during deer hunting season because of wasting disease

December 2, 2016: UWRF pledges to increase diversity in athletics department

November 18, 2016: Diversity Dialogues series prompts meaningful discussions

November 18, 2016: UW-River Falls recognized as top performer in 2016 Sustainable Campus Index

November 18, 2016: River Falls becomes magnet for thrift shops as consumers hunt for bargains

November 18, 2016: Active Minds seeks to remove stigma surrounding student mental health

November 18, 2016: County rankings show Pierce, St. Croix among state's healthiest counties

November 11, 2016: Students have many options for reporting sexual assault

November 11, 2016: Alumni Spotlight: Mark Klapatch

November 11, 2016: Land trust works to preserve Kinni as natural source

November 4, 2016: Falcon Outdoor Adventures makes move to Falcon Center

November 4, 2016: UW-River Falls presents 'Amazon: Wilderness, Technology and Society' panel discussion

November 4, 2016: Offensive costumes are going too far

October 28, 2016: Kinnickinnic dam issue affects more than just river, city

October 28, 2016: River Falls is first in Wisconsin and fifth in the nation for customer participation in renewable energy

October 28, 2016: UWRF makes the Princeton Review's list of environmentally responsible green colleges

October 21, 2016: UW-River Falls named a Top 100 Best Value College by Educate to Career

October 14, 2016: Student's innovation helps paraplegic horseback riders

October 14, 2016: UW-River Falls student and professor team up to conduct research on turtles

October 14, 2016: Ally training to gain gender and sexual diversity knowledge offered at UW-River Falls

October 14, 2016: River Falls Public Library offers variety of free resources

October 7, 2016: UW-River Falls takes steps to become an inclusive campus

October 7, 2016: City, grassroots group study impact of removing Kinnickinnic River dams

October 7, 2016: Exploring in River Falls may take going beyond the trail

September 30, 2016: At UWRF, scholarships make the difference in recruiting strong students

September 30, 2016: New recycling effort sees removal of classroom garbage cans

September 23, 2016: UWRF surplus sale draws hundreds looking for bargains

September 23, 2016: Healthier food options on campus are a must

September 23, 2016: River Falls on path to add Glen Park Suspension Footbridge to national list of historic places

May 6, 2016: Sustainability official suggests UWRF could do better with trash, recycling

April 22, 2016: UW-River Falls Ag Day promotes awareness of agriculture

April 22, 2016: Earth Day gives universities chance to look at options for sustainability

April 15, 2016: UWRF to host Ag Day to raise agriculture awareness

April 15, 2016: UWRF once again earns STARS Silver Rating for sustainability

April 15, 2016: Climate Summit gets UWRF talking about sustainability

April 15, 2016: Following regional trend, Whole Earth food co-op rebrands

April 8, 2016: Global honeybee population continues to decline, cause worry

April 1, 2016: City of River Falls to debut bikeshare program

April 1, 2016: Annual International Bazaar brings different cultures together for a night of entertainment

March 25, 2016: In wake of budget cut, UWRF College of Arts and Sciences faces loss of instructors, courses

March 25, 2016: UWRF to host annual International Bazaar

March 25, 2016: Women's History Month gives time for reflection

March 25, 2016: UWRF program turns rescued dogs into service animals

March 11, 2016: UWRF Student Senate, SART plan events for sexual assault awareness

March 4, 2016: Local services help to protect sexual, reproductive health

March 4, 2016: UWRF program helps give non-native English speaking students opportunities

March 4, 2016: Students to go through required sexual assault awareness class

February 26, 2016: Swine disease strikes Mann Valley Farm

February 19, 2016: UW-River Falls students join Milwaukee protest against Alberta Clipper Pipeline

February 19, 2016: For female millennials, feminism doesn't mean voting for female candidate this election season

February 19, 2016: UW-River Falls to host Girls in SCIENCE event

February 19, 2016: Journey House Campus Ministry hosts free weekly lunch and talk

February 12, 2016: Black History Month Celebrated at UW-River Falls

February 5, 2016: CAFES research projects earn grants

February 5, 2016: University plays host to science Olympiad

February 5, 2016: Response: Inclusivity positions could be utilized by everyone


December 11, 2015: 'The Dam Decision' garners much community interest

December 11, 2015: EPA awards $10 million Great Lakes Restoration Initiative Grant to research group that includes UW-River Falls professor

December 11, 2015: Should we fight against offensive speech?

December 11, 2015: Understanding of diversity important for a healthy campus

December 4, 2015: SES promotes student involvement in economics

November 20, 2015: River Falls lab researches skin cancer using artificially grown tissue samples

November 20, 2015: Educating young people about agriculture is goal of UWRF student

November 20, 2015: Ending sexual assault is in everyone's power, speaker tells UWRF audience

November 13, 2015: UW-River Falls named a top performer in 2015 Sustainable Campus Index

November 13, 2015: Community solar program to provide clean energy

November 13, 2015: Student protest validated as Keystone XL Pipeline rejected by Obama

November 6, 2015: Day of Dead celebrated on campus

November 6, 2015: Student Senate Update: CASE Allocation

October 30, 2015: Campus to introduce new Safe Ride Home Program

October 30, 2015: Biology professor's research examines Great Lakes' wetland areas in Canada

October 30, 2015: University works to reduce racial bias

October 23, 2015: ECOS aims to make campus more sustainable

October 16, 2015: UWRF initiates new scholarship program

October 16, 2015: UWRF Student Senate forms new sustainability committee

October 16, 2015: Indigenous People's Day recognizes history of oppression

October 9, 2015: Community garden serves variety of River Falls needs

October 9, 2015: New Scholarship Guarantee program in 2016

October 9, 2015: Student senate proves its new staff's conviction early

October 2, 2015: 'It's on Us' campaign raises awareness

October 2, 2015: UWRF SALSA members raise sustainability awareness

September 25, 2015: River Falls earns recognition for safety

September 25, 2015: Skills Department and ESL Center open to students

September 25, 2015: UWRF again one of the "Best in the Midwest" colleges

September 18, 2015: Student Senate has great plans for the new year

May 1, 2015: 'It's On Us' works to stop campus sexual assault

May 1, 2015: Saving varsity sports with student fees may open a can of worms

May 1, 2015: Students support environment but avoid 'environmentalist' label

April 24, 2015: Campus response to Earth Day feels highly lackluster

April 24, 2015: Athletics department holds town hall meeting, possibility of cutting a women's sport is high

April 17, 2015: Race into wellness at 2015 UW-River Falls Health Fair

April 17, 2015: LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Students, faculty, staff seek sustainability

April 17, 2015: University, city have options for students without licenses

April 10, 2015: Multicultural groups struggle to fit in on River Falls campus

April 3, 2015: Interstate Park hosts live raptors on April 28

April 3, 2015: Conservation Congress bolsters youth program

April 3, 2015: Research program supports UWRF students

April 3, 2015: Feminist movement goes beyond battle of sexes

March 27, 2015: 'Equal Pay Day' to inform students about pay equality

March 27, 2015: Campus Residence Life begins pop-tab collection competition

March 27, 2015: Students struggle with commuting costs

March 27, 2015: USA Today pitches mobile app for campus student media

March 13, 2015: UWRF biology department tests new beekeeping model

March 13, 2015: Wisconsin secures land for public recreation

March 13, 2015: Student organizations face large funding gap

March 13, 2015: UW-Madison professor speaks to students about race and media

March 6, 2015: Biology department tests beekeeping model

March 6, 2015: Better UW Initiative: 26 campuses for one cause

February 27, 2015: UWRF anticipated to protest proposed UW System cuts

February 27, 2015: Local organizations offer students a chance to give back

February 27, 2015: Students give thanks to UWRF financial donors

February 27, 2015: 'Day on the Hill' garners much needed attention on politics

February 20, 2015: Global Divestment Day draws attention to fossil fuels

February 20, 2015: UWRF Wellness Challenge promotes physical fitness

February 13, 2015: Gov. Walker's budget proposal causes concern on campus

February 13, 2015: DNR receives $33,000 donation for riverway

February 13, 2015: Busy physics professor impacts UW-River Falls students

February 13, 2015: Proposed regional oil pipeline will have significant negative effects

February 13, 2015: New Financial Trading Room features extensive Bloomberg software

February 13, 2015: Lake Superior trout fishing rule takes effect

February 6, 2015: New Briefs: Sustainability efforts recognized at UWRF

February 6, 2015: UWRF hosts annual Science Olympiad

February 6, 2015: Faculty awarded grant for Kinni research

February 6, 2015: Sustainability organization hopes for 80 percent drop in greenhouse gas emissions within 35 years

February 6, 2015: Eating disorders receive much-needed attention

Other Sustainability Articles:

May 23, 2015: Kinnickinnic Workshop Advances Sustainability at UW-River Falls

February 21, 2015: UWRF Education Faculty Speaks on Curriculum and Sustainable Art


December 9, 2014: UW-River Falls Faculty Receive Undergraduate Research and Discovery Grant to Create Kinni Watershed Consortium 


April 12, 2013: UW-River Falls Theatre Presents 'Ancient Wings: A Crane's Story'


October 26, 2011: Campus Sustainability Day Webcast

July 21, 2011: UWRF has Become an Educational Partner of the Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics

June 16, 2011: Voices of NWF's Young Leaders Assembly by Ian Johnson, Obama Research Fellow

April 1, 2011: UWRF Hosts Faculty Leadership and Sustainability Workshop


October 20, 2010: Campus Sustainability Day UWRF Slide Presentation

September 21, 2010: Sustainability: NSU to set goals for campus and community alike

April 9-10, 2010: Upper Midwest Association for Campus Sustainability 2010 Conference held at UWRF April 9–10

April 9-10, 2010: Conference summary

April 9-10, 2010: Complete conference program


April 2, 2009: UWRF graduate receives national fellowship

January 20, 2009: Major energy grant awarded to Osceola community


July 1, 2008: ‘Natural Step’ groups plan next steps

UWRF Passes Sustainability Proclamation with City and School District of River Falls

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