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Sustainability Email Newsletter

The UWRF Office of Sustainability is creating an email list to send out notifications regarding campus, community, and regional sustainability events. We will do our best to limit emails to an average of one a week or less. The main use will be for a monthly newsletter during the academic year and possibly a limited number of event reminders. Anyone is welcome to join the email list. Groups can also submit sustainability related events they would like us to highlight to


Sustainability Staff

Mark KlapatchMark

Sustainability and Custodial Supervisor







Student Representatives/Student Educators

Alissa Schmidt              Alissa Schmidt                                                                                        








Brooklynn Williams Brooklynn Williams








Erin McCaffrey          Erin McCaffrey                                                                                            








Jen Isham                    Jen Isham                                                                                         








Katelyn MooreMoore, Katelyn 







Katherine WendorfKatherine Wendorf








Katie Nelson                 Katie Nelson                                                                                         








Kiana JohnsonJohnson, Kiana







Noura Kassem                     Noura Kassem                                                                                  








Violet Penman                     Violet Penman