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Wellness - Social

Social Intelligence

One's connection with family, friends, or co-workers; giving and receiving support from others and being valued in one's own relationships.

Ask yourself

  • Do I like myself as a person?
  • Do I interact easily with people of different ages, backgrounds, races and lifestyles?
  • Do I connect well with others and foster healthy friendships?
  • Can I communicate my feelings effectively?
  • Do I do a good job at balancing time between responsibilities and relaxation?

Campus Resources

  • Office of International Education (Study Abroad): International study opportunities such as Wisconsin in Scotland, Semester Abroad, St. Martin's College Exchange, Greek Seminar, and more.
  • New Student and Family Programs: Programs and services that support new students, transfer students, and their families during their transition to campus.
  • Residence Life: Creating residential communities where students live civilly, learn effectively and discover success.
  • Student Involvement: Learn more about upcoming events, student clubs and organizations, fraternity and sorority life, and other involvement opportunities.
  • Veterans' Services Office: Assistance for veterans, reservists, National Guard, active duty and family members with education benefits, paper work, community, county, state and federal resources.

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Student Health and Counseling Services
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