Counseling Services

Counseling Appointments

Counseling Services incorporates a brief therapeutic model with an emphasis on developmental counseling directed at helping students succeed in the university environment. When specialized, more intensive, and/or longer-term services are needed, we can assist in making referrals to off-campus professionals.

Your first appointment:

Students coming in for their first visit will be seen for a brief (30-45 minute) intake with a counselor who will:

  • Provide information about what to expect from the counseling process
  • Discuss the student's presenting issues and concerns
  • Develop a plan to best meet the student's needs, which may include:
    • Referral to a counselor on our staff for individual counseling
    • Referral to group counseling
    • Referral to a mental health counselor or service off campus
    • Information and referral to other campus services

Contact our appointment desk at 715-425-3884 or email to schedule a first appointment.

What to Expect From Counseling

Counseling Services Staff

Please plan to come in ten to twenty minutes before your first scheduled appointment to complete our initial paperwork.

What Students Are Saying About Counseling

(According to the annual UWRF Student Health and Counseling Satisfaction Survey)

When asked what was most helpful about Counseling, students replied:
    "The counselor talked to me like she wasn't above me and knew so much more, she talked to me like we were equals"
    "Being able to go in and talk to someone that didn't judge me, have prejudices on my issue, and was completely open minded helped me tremendously"
    "He was easy to talk to and had great feedback"
    "Not having a lot of pressure."
    "She taught me stress management techniques I can use on my own"

When asked to provide additional comments regarding the counseling experience:
    "I felt very comfortable and received warmth and care from this particular counselor, she listened and asked a lot of questions to better understand me which I really appreciated."
    "I love her a lot! She has helped me so much, it's awesome to have a different perspective on things."
    "EXTREMELY HELPFUL!!! I knew that talking out problems helps solve issues, but it was eye opening to me how much it helped me, it is really nice to have this service available."
    "He provided good and insightful feedback that I have never gotten before"
    "People at the desk were helpful and nice, felt comfortable and not judged"

UWRF Counseling Services

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Phone: 715-425-3884


8:00a.m.-4:30p.m. Monday-Friday

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