Student Health And Counseling Services

Student Health and Counseling Services offers on-campus professional mental health counseling services, clinical services contracted through Vibrant Health Family Clinics in River Falls (formerly River Falls Medical Clinic) and Pierce County Reproductive Health, and holistic educational and preventative initiatives and programming.

Frequently Asked Questions

EMERGENCIES: Where do I go for a medical or mental health emergency?
Medical emergencies call 911. View our Emergencies/Crisis Situations web page

Where do I go when I get sick, injured, or need a physical exam?
Vibrant Health Family Clinics in River Falls (formerly River Falls Medical Clinic): 1687 East Division Street, River Falls
For an appointment: call 715-425-6701 (Taxi Service free with student ID)

Where do I go when I need to talk to a personal counselor?
UWRF Counseling Services: 211 Hagestad Hall
For an appointment: call 715-425-3884 (Appointment information)

Where can I go for reproductive health services?
Pierce County Reproductive Health: 1234 South Wasson Lane, River Falls
For an appointment: call 715-425-8003 (Taxi Service free with student ID)

How do I learn more about...?
- Common physical health issues (A - Z Index)
- Common mental health issues (A - Z Index)
- Improving my personal wellness


Ebola:  Although the risk is low for Ebola on campus or in this community, UWRF has a plan and continues to work together on campus with local, state, and federal partners and health authorities to monitor the situation and follow current guidelines and recommendations.

Measles:  While we currently have no cases on campus, we are monitoring the situation, and are working with and following recommended guidelines from local, state, and federal health authorities.  The best way to prevent the spread of measles is through proper vaccination.  The recommended measles vaccine schedule (Measles, Mumps, Rubella or MMR) is 2 doses after the 1st birthday and at least 28 days apart (if born after 1956).  Most persons born in 1956 or before have had the disease and so are protected.  If persons have been vaccinated according to the recommended schedule, no further vaccination is recommended at the present.  Most persons attending K-12 school in Wisconsin or Minnesota have likely been adequately vaccinated against measles.  For more information about how to locate immunization records for persons from Wisconsin or Minnesota, go to  MMR vaccines are covered for current UWRF students at Vibrant Health Family Clinic in River Falls (715-425-6701). 

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Influenza and Vaccinations 2014-2015 Season.document  Information about influenza and where persons can go to get vaccinated. Influenza vaccines are covered by Student Health Services at Vibrant Health Family Clinics in River Falls for current students. Call the Clinic at 715-425‐6701.

Activities and Involvement

Weekly Wellness Events:
Weekly Wellness Spring 2014 Poster

Annual Wellness Events:
2013-14 Annual Wellness Events

Pet Therapy:
Keep Calm, Hug A Dog Poster

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Contact Us

Student Health and Counseling Services
Student Health Services: 715-425-3293
Counseling Services: 715-425-3884
M-F, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
211 Hagestad Hall