Student Health And Counseling Services

Student Health And Counseling Services

Welcome to Student Health and Counseling Services. Student Health and Counseling Services are supported by the health segregated fee that students pay as part of their fees which provide:

EMERGENCIES: Where do I go for a medical or mental health emergency?

If this is an emergency, you should call 911.


UW Mental Health Support 24/7 Call or text 888.531.2142 for student-centered crisis services and emotional support.

Contact other crisis options available, including the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, a free and confidential service that is available 24/7. Anyone can access the lifeline by calling 988 (multiple languages available), texting a message to 988 (English only), or by using the chat feature at (English only).



Opioid Overdose Reversal - 17 Nalox-Zone boxes are installed in residence halls and other high-traffic areas on campus for anyone to use in an emergency. The installation is a partnership with Wisconsin Voices for Recovery.

Where do I go when I need to talk to a personal counselor?

UWRF Counseling Services: 254 Rodli Hall
For an appointment, call 715-425-3884 (appointment information).

Alcohol and other drug assessments and screenings are available for currently enrolled UWRF students through UWRF Counseling Services (a fee is charged for required assessments and screenings). Call ahead for an appointment 715-425-3884.



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Stay Informed and Healthy:

For updated Covid-19 information, go to Falcons Forward | Covid 19.

Everyone Should Get a 'Flu shot

Influenza vaccines are covered for current students at M Health Fairview Clinic-River Falls by Student Health Services. Students should call 715-425-6701 to schedule an appointment for the flu vaccine. Employees should contact their personal health care provider to schedule an appointment for their flu shot. For more information, see: Immunizations.


Mpox Fact Sheet  Learn more about Mpox with this link to the CDC

WHERE:  M Health Fairview Clinc-River Falls is located at 319 Main Street (adjacent to Family Fresh Grocery). 

WHAT: Certain clinical health services (scroll down to "Services Provided') are covered for UWRF students by Student Health Services. The M Health Fairview Clinic-River Falls provides a full range of medical services, but only those services listed are covered by Student Health Services. Services not listed are not covered.

WHEN: M Health Fairview Clinics - River Falls hours


  1.  Telephone 715-425-6701.  When prompted, say Student Health” OR “UW River Falls” for scheduling at the River Falls Clinic. (Please note that these are not one of the voice prompt options listed, however, "Student Health" OR "UW River Falls" will work).
  2.  Please remember to bring your current UWRF student ID and any personal insurance card with you to your appointment. 
  3. Taxi Service if needed is provided, if needed. Please contact them to book a ride.  (Taxi Service free to M Health Fairview-River Falls clinic with student ID)

Depending on the provider and the reason for the appointment, telehealth or an in-person visit may be scheduled.  Telehealth appointments are covered by Student Health Services just as in-person appointments have been in the past. 

More information on covered services can be found here.

Where do I go when I get sick, injured, or need a physical exam? 

Certain clinical health services are covered for UWRF students by Student Health Services through M Health Fairview Clinic-River Falls, 319 South Main Street, River Falls.  For an appointment, see directions above.

No services are covered at the Allina River Falls Area Hospital or Emergency Room, or the Allina Health River Falls Clinic.

If this is an emergency:

call 911 or contact other crisis options available 24/7, including
988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline


Pierce County Reproductive Health in River Falls

1234 S. Wasson Lane, 715-425-8003

More information about covered services can be found here.

Where can I go for contraception, safer sex supplies, and STD testing and treatment?

Certain clinical health services are covered for UWRF students by Student Health Services through Pierce County Reproductive Health in River Falls, 1234 S. Wasson Lane, River Falls. For an appointment, call 715-425-8003 (Taxi Service free with student ID).


Eligibility for Student Health Services at M Health Fairview Clinic-River Falls and Pierce County Reproductive Health: Students are eligible for Student Health Services during the two academic terms, and the January and Summer terms, as long as they are registered for classes and have paid required fees.

Certain clinical health services are provided through Student Health Services for registered full-time and part-time UWRF students through contractual agreements with M Heallth Fairview Clinic-River Falls and Pierce County Reproductive Health. Students are eligible between consecutive terms as long as they are registered for the next term and have paid fees as required.  Generally students enrolled in classes offered as part of a distance education program, such as an online program or study abroad, do not pay segregated fees and so would not be eligible for services provided through Student Health and Counseling Services.

Student Health Services covers certain limited health services for students at M Health Fairview Clinic-River Falls and Pierce County Reproductive Health. Student Health Services is NOT health insurance and all students are strongly encouraged to carry health insurance.

For more information about covered medical services, go to

For information about covered reproductive health services,  go to

Student Health Services Eligibility Dates 2023-2024

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Student Health and Counseling Services
Student Health Services: 715-425-3293
Counseling Services: 715-425-3884
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