Directory of Campus Policies

Policies under review may not be listed in this directory.

2 Year Residency Policy
Ability Services
Academic Calendar
Academic Load / Excess Load Policy
Academic Staff Promotion/Title Change for Instructional and Non-Instructional Staff (AP-06-103)
Academic Suspension and Probation Policy
Academic Suspension Appeal
Acceptable Usage - Technology Resources
Acceptable Use Policy (AP-05-106)
Access, Use and Retention of Social Security Numbers (AP-01-106)
Admissions Criteria
Advertising and Sponsorship in University Print and Online Publications (AP-01-109)
Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotion of Alcohol and Tobacco Products on Campus (AP-01-107)
Alcohol Beverages on Campus (AP-01-303)
Annual Program Revenue Balance Policy (AP-02-108)
Annual Security Report
AP-06-119 Merit Policy-Academic Staff (with fixed-renewable appointments)
Athletic Camps and Clinics (AP-01-104)
Bad Check Policy (AP-02-104)
Building Access (AP-04-101)
Business Activities (AP-02-101)
Campus Computer Replacement (AP-05-103)
Campus Naming Policy (AP-01-402)
CBE Policies
Centralized Position Management Policy (AP-06-112)
Chargeback of Physical Plant Services (AP-01-102)
Clothing Purchases for Staff Use in Departments (AP-02-109)
Code of Conduct
Collection of Indirect (Overhead) Costs (AP-02-102)
College Credit for High School Students
Compensatory Time for University Staff (AP06118)
Computer Software Use (AP-05-101)
Concealed Carry Policy
Conduct Policies
Conflict of Interest/Financial Disclosure (AP-01-204)
Consequences for Non-Compliance Management Policy (AP-06-113)
Consortium Agreement Policy
Copyrighted Material, Use of  (AP-01-209)
Credit Transfer and Advising Tools
Criminal Background Checks (AP-06-106)
Dangerous Weapons on Campus (AP-07-103)
Dates, Calendars, Final Exam Schedules
Delegation of Contract Authority (AP-01-119)
Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustment -Classified Staff (AP-06-107)
Discretionary Merit Compensation-Classified Staff (AP-06-104)
Dispensing of Hearing Aids (AP-08-101)
Distribution of Indirect (Overhead) Costs (AP-02-103)
Emeriti Status for Unclassified Staff (Faculty/Academic Staff) (AP-01-210)
Employee Accident Injury (AP-06-102)
Employee and Student Email List Usage Policy (AP-05-107)
Employee Requested Tuition Reimbursement (AP-01-113)
Excess Credit Policy
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Final Grade Policy for J-Term and Summer Sessions
Fleet Vehicles (AP-04-102)
Full-Time Status with a Reduced Course Load (AP-01-212)
GPR Faculty Positions That Transition To PR (AP-02-112)
Grades, Grade Reports, and GPA
Graduate Student On-Going Enrollment (AP-01-213)
Hazardous Waste Management (AP-03-106)
Health Insurance Marketplace Notice (AP-06-109)
Health Insurance Requirement for International Students (AP-01-206)
Hiring Wisconsin Retirement System Annuitants (AP-06-105)
Honored Retiree Status for University Staff (AP-01-205)
Hoverboard Policy (AP-07-106)
Immigrant Visa Applications (AP-06-101)
Inclement Weather Practice (AP-01-202)
Information Security (AP-05-301)
In-Line Skates and Skateboarding (AP-07-105)
International Education and Globalization Programs and Activities (AP-01-203)
International Student Tuition Remission Policy (AP-01-111)
Late Fee Policy (AP-02-110)
Leaving UW-River Falls
Licensing of UWRF Registered Marks (AP-01-108)
Medical Excuse Policy
Merit Policy for Limited Appointees(AP-06-115)
Minor Protection and Adult Leadership (AP-01-120)
Name Change Policy
Open Flame (AP-03-103)
Outreach Courses, Determination of (AP-01-211)
Outreach Residual Funds (AP-01-207)
Overhead Cost Assessment for Program Revenue Activities (AP-02-107)
Overload Compensation Policy (AP-06-108)
Paid Leave and_Vacation Cash Payouts (AP-06-117)
Parking Regulations (AP-07-102)
Plan an Event
Policy for Children in the Workplace AP-01-117
Postal Policy (AP-04-103)
Records Hold (Financial) (AP-02-105)
Records Management Program (AP-01-201)
Repeated Courses
Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect AP-01-114
Requirement for a Mandatory Residential Dining Plan (AP-01-301)
Requirement for Mandatory Housing (AP-01-302)
Residency For Tuition Purposes
Return of Title IV Funds Policy
Reuse Policy for Replaced Computers (AP-05-102)
Risk Management Policy (AP-03-101)
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Segregated Fee Assessment/Waiver (AP-01-110)
Sexual Assault and Harassment, Resources and Services
Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Policy (AP06116)
Shared Radio Spectrum Management and Coordination (AP-05-104)
Sign Posting (AP-01-101)
Social Media (AP-01-112)
Space Heaters (AP-03-104)
Student Conduct
Student Directory Information
Subrecipient Monitoring Policy (AP-02-111)
Summer Session and J-Term (AP-01-208)
Telecommunications Management (AP-05-105)
Temporary Employment (AP-06-111)
Terms and Conditions of Residence Hall Contract
Tobacco-Free Campus (AP-01-116)
Transfer Information
Tuition Rates (AP-02-106)
Unofficial Withdrawal
Unofficial Withdrawal Policy
Use of Drones/Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) (AP-03-105)
Use of University Facilities (AP-01-103)
Utility Vehicle (AP-03-102)
Wireless Handheld and Data Services (AP-05-201)
Withdrawal from the University

Other policies

Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

The primary governance policies and procedures for the entire UW System are listed below.  UW-River Falls policies and procedures are in compliance with UWSA Policies, UW Board of Regents Policies, and Wisconsin State Statute. 

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