Academic Load / Excess Load Policy

Standard Load


Undergraduate student should average 15 credits of work for 8 semesters for a total of 120 credits.  The maximum load for freshman students is 17 credits per semester.  The maximum load for sophomore, junior, or senior students is 18 credits per semester.  The maximum load for undergraduate students is 12 credits per summer session (with a credit per week ration or no more than one credit per week during the summer).  The maximum load for undergraduate students is one credit per week during J-term (typically no more than 4 credits per J-term).

Full-time students are designated as being enrolled for 12 or more credits. Students in the Honors Program may carry one honors course per semester in addition to the regular course load.


Full-time graduate students status is defined by enrollment for at least 8 credits in the fall or spring terms, and for at least 4 credits in the summer.

When graduate students complete undergraduate courses, each undergraduate credit will count as a graduate credit in calculating load.

Graduate students who are working as graduate assistants must be either currently enrolled in a graduate course or admitted to a graduate program and enrolled in a course (either graduate or undergraduate). 

Excess Load

Undergraduate students may apply to the Dean of their College at registration time for an excess load. Application forms for excess load are available in the Office of the Registrar. Only students whose average is "B" or better should be recommended for excess load except under special conditions. Similar procedures are in effect during the summer session.

Full-time graduate students may not exceed 15 credits per term during the fall or spring, or 12 credits during the summer with a credit per week ratio of no more than one credit, unless they have written approval from their adviser, program chair, and the director of graduate studies. To be granted this exception, a student must have successfully completed at least 8 graduate credits and must not be on academic probation at the time.

There is a per-credit charge for an excess load over 18 credits.