Academic Policies and Records

Name Change Policy

A student whose name has changed since last attending UW-River Falls will have his/her academic transcript issued with the name as it currently appears on the official record. 

If your name has changed and you would like your official UW-River Falls academic record (and transcript) to reflect the change, you must provide the following information along with your request for the official transcript:

  1. A written, signed and dated statement that requests the name change and cites both the old and new names;
  2. Legible copies of the following two forms of identification that designate the new name to which you would like your record changed:
  1. photo identification (acceptable forms include a driver's license, state issued ID card, school ID card with photograph, alien registration card with photograph, or military ID card);


  2. court ordered / legal document (acceptable forms include a marriage license, social security card, birth certificate, legal passport, certification of U.S. citizenship, employment authorization documents, or Native American tribal document).

As necessary, you may be asked to provide additional documentation to support your request for a name change.

Name Change Form

For current students - Name Change Form