Academic Policies and Records

Unofficial Withdrawal

Students are defined as unofficially withdrawn for Title IV Federal Aid purposes when they do not have any grades for the semester other than “XF“, a failing grade due to non-attendance.

Identification Process

Instructors indicate online any student who is not, based upon thier judgement, currently attending their class and are asked to give a last know date of class attendance for those students who are not attending, if possible. 

A final grade of “ XF“ is assigned by instructors failing students due to non-attendance or non-completion of coursework. When instructors assign an “XF“ grade they are asked to report the last known date of attendance, if possible.

At the end of each semester, a report is generated of all students who have Title IV federal aid and who have a semester GPA of 0.00. Those students who have all “XF‘s” are assumed to be ‘unofficially withdrawn'.

Administrative Action

The report is reviewed for those students with federal and state aid whom are assumed to have unofficially withdrawn from the University. The last date of attendance as reported by any of the instructors is determined and used in the Return of Title IV Funds calculation.

If a last day of attendance cannot otherwise be determined, the student is assumed to have attended 50% of the enrollment period and the formula is calculated based on that length of attendance.

Students will be billed for resulting institutional charges and repayments of federal and/or state financial aid. An “XF” grade is treated as an ‘F' for all other policy purposes.