Academic Policies and Records

Withdrawal from the University

Students that find it necessary to drop ALL courses for a given term and leave the university must withdraw. 

Students should see their academic adviser prior to initiating the withdrawal process. 

Failing grades will be issued to students that fail to follow the proper withdrawal procedure.

If the term has NOT begun:

Log in to eSIS and drop each course individually.  Please contact the Student Billing Office at 715-425-3145 with questions regarding a refund.

Please contact the Department of Residence Life if you have a Residence Hall Contract for the next term at

If the term HAS begun:

Complete the online withdrawal form.

You are responsible for all financial obligations to the university. You cannot obtain a transcript or re-enter the university until all financial obligations are cleared.

Please contact the Department of Residence Life if you are currently living on campus at

Medical Emergency Withdrawal

If you need to withdraw from the University for medical reasons follow this link for additional information. 

Military Withdrawal 

If you need to withdraw from the University due to a deployment, visit the Veterans Services webpage for additional information regarding your withdrawal. 

Contact: Office of Admissions
715-425-3500 or

The following offices on campus will be notified of your withdrawal.

  • Financial Aid : (715) 425-3141
  • Residence Life: (715) 425-4555 (B3 East Hathorn Hall)
  • Textbook Services: (715) 425-3106 (33 Hagestad Hall)
  • Tuition & Fees: Students who withdraw before the end of the fourth week of the semester may have a portion of their tuition and fees refunded. Contact the Student Billing Office for specific information, (715) 425-3145
  • Dining Services: (715) 425-4403 (170 University Center)