Residence Hall Contract & Rates

2 Year Residency Policy

The Department of Residence Life administers the UW-System Board of Regent's policy (Regent Policy Document 24-2) requiring first year and second year students to live in university residence halls. This requirement does not apply to students who are 21 years of age or older or students who have graduated from high school two years prior to the start of the contract. Students who are veterans, married, or have extenuating financial circumstances can request exemption from this policy.

Students seeking an exemption to this policy should visit the Exemption to Residency Policy web page..

Commuter Policy

Students can request an exception to the 2 Year Residency Policy if they live at their permanent address with parent(s) or a legal guardian within the approved commuting zip codes shown below:


54002, 54003, 54010, 54011, 54014, 54015, 54016, 54017, 54021, 54022, 54023, 54025, 54026, 54028, 54082, 54723, 54750, 54767


55001, 55003, 55009, 55016, 55033, 55042, 55043, 55055, 55066, 55071, 55082, 55083, 55085, 55089, 55090, 55101,  55106, 55115, 55119, 55125, 55128, 55129, 55133, 55144, 55145, 55146, 55164, 55165, 55166, 55168, 55169, 55170, 55171, 55172, 55175, 55187, 55188

The Commuter Form available below must be submitted to the Department of Residence Life prior to the halls opening date for the first semester in which the student wants to commute.

Students who have moved into the halls for the academic year are required to fulfill the full duration of their signed Residence Hall Contract and are not eligible to commute until the duration of that contract is fulfilled. Submission of a commuter form does not imply nor guarantee that the request will be granted; students should assume that their request has not been granted until they receive written confirmation from the Department of Residence Life.

Students who have not been officially granted commuter status are cautioned not to make arrangements to commute from the address of their parents or legal guardian, as they may not receive commuter status.


Requests for Exemption to the 2-Year Residency Policy

Requests for Exemption to the 2-Year Residency Policy

Students seeking an exemption are expected to complete the Residency Exemption Request Form below, check the appropriate box and provide all necessary documentation specified on the form. The form and accompanying documentation can be submitted using one of the methods listed on the form.

Once a student's Residency Exemption Request Form and accompanying documentation are received, they will be reviewed by the Department of Residence Life and the student will be notified via their UWRF email account regarding the outcome of their request.


Violations of Residency Policy

Violations of the Residency Policy

Requests for exemption and accompanying documentation must be submitted to the Department of Residence Life prior to the first day of classes for the semester in which exemption is being requested. Enrolled students who do not comply with this policy or who have not received exemption status will be charged the cost of a traditional double room. The student will receive an email from Residence Life indicating that the residence hall charges will be added to their student account.