Policies and Procedures

Consortium Agreement Policy

Consortium Agreement Form


The purpose of a consortium agreement is to allow the university from which a student is seeking a degree (home institution) to consider enrollment and corresponding costs of attendance at another university (host institution) for either some or all semester credits that will count toward the degree or certificate at the home school. The home institution then awards and disburses financial aid for credits at both institutions. The consortium agreement further prohibits the host institution from processing financial aid for UW-River Falls students for that semester. A student can only receive Federal Student Aid for courses that are applicable to the student's certificate or degree program. 

The host institution must be an approved Title IV school, meaning they have a federal Title IV code and can process federal financial aid. We will not approve a consortium if it is offered through a broker or agency who does not work through a Title IV school.

You need to open and print this Consortium Agreement Form, complete the student section and have the Host Institution complete their section, and bring the completed form to the Financial Aid office. Note: because a number of parties must sign off on this agreement, you need to start this process well in advance of the semester you plan to study abroad.

Studying Abroad Through Another Institution
Consortium agreements from UW-River Falls students pursuing a study abroad program through another institution must secure approval of the program through the UW-River Falls Global Connections Office prior to completing the consortium agreement form.