Current Students

Student Directory Information

The items listed below are designated as "Directory information" and may be released for any purpose at the discretion of our institution. Student information will be published in the UW-RF electronic phonebook and the graduation commencement program.

Under the provisions of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, students have the right to withhold the disclosure of any or all of the categories of "Directory Information".

  • Demographic Information: Name, addresses, e-mail address, telephone numbers, student ID number.
  • Academic Information: Dates of attendance, current classification and/or year in school, credit load, total number of credits completed, major and minor fields of study, awards, honors, degree(s) conferred (including dates), most recent institution(s) attended, commencement program, honors program.
  • Athletic Information: Past and present participation in officially recognized sports and activities, physical factors (weight and height of athletes).

If you want to have any or all categories of your "Directory Information" withheld, please come to the Registrar's Office and complete the Request to prevent disclosure of Directory Information form.

This form must be completed within two calendar weeks after the first day of class for the Fall term in order for your information to be restricted. Requests received after that date will be reflected in the electronic directory.

You must file a new form each academic year.

Request to Prevent Disclosure of Directory Information form


"No Release"

Please note important details regarding placing a “No Release” on your record:

  • The University receives many inquiries for directory information from a variety of sources outside the institution, including friends, parents, relatives, prospective employers, the news media and honor societies. Having a “No Release” on your record will preclude release of such information, even to those people.
  • A “No Release” applies to all elements of directory information on your record. University of Wisconsin-River Falls does not apply a “No Release” differentially to the various directory information data elements.



As noted above (FERPA) prohibits educational institutions from disclosing information from a student's educational record to any third party, including parents, without the student's consent. UW-River Falls strictly adheres to the provisions in FERPA, but there are exceptions in the law:

  • To the student.
  • If it is “Directory Information” and the student has not restricted its release.
  • The University may disclose to a student's parent or legal guardian information regarding any drug or alcohol violation (whether pursuant to federal, state, or local law or institutional policy) where the student is under 21 years of age and the University has determined the student has committed a disciplinary violation.
  • In connection with the student's application or receipt of financial aid as necessary to determine the eligibility, amount or conditions of the financial aid, or to enforce the terms or conditions of the aid.
  • In connection with audits or evaluation of federal or state supported educational programs requiring disclosure of information.
  • If properly subpoenaed pursuant to a judicial, legislative, or administrative proceeding, provided UW-River Falls will make a reasonable attempt to notify the student of the subpoena, in cases where FERPA applies, prior to the release of the information.
  • To attorneys representing the University when the data on the student is deemed necessary for the defense of the University in a suit filed by the student.
  • To schools in which the student seeks or intends to enroll.
  • To authorized representatives of the Comptroller General of the United States, the Attorney General of the United States, the Secretary of the Department of Education, or state or local educational authorities.
  • To the Veterans Administration to determine compliance with educational assistance.
  • To organizations conducting studies for or on behalf of the University.
  • In connection with a health or safety emergency as determined by the University.
  • In connection with a crime of violence or a nonforcible sex offense. The University has the discretion to disclose the final results of any disciplinary proceeding against a student who is an alleged perpetrator of a crime of violence or a nonforcible sex offense if, as a result of that disciplinary proceeding, the University has determined that the student in fact committed the crime or offense.  The definition of “final results” is limited solely to the name of the student, the violation committed, and any sanction imposed by the University on that student.  Only where a victim or witness has provided written consent may the University disclose the name of that student.
  • To effect collection of past due financial obligations to the University.