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4. Funding and Fundraising

There are two different ways that you can request funding for your student organization.  First, your student organization can develop a budget and request Annual Funding through the Finance Committee (FC). If your student organization does not qualify to receive annual funding, you can still request Single - Event Funding. Both of these options are explained in more detail below. If you have further questions about funding for your student organization, please contact the Office of Student Involvement

If your organization is looking for funding for events, conferences, and supplies throughout an entire academic year, they can apply for Annual Funding. The Student Government Association Finance Committee (FC) reviews requests and distributes funding to organizations using money collected from every student through Segregated Fees.   

To be eligible for funding for the following academic year, an organization must meet these requirements:

  • Membership in the organization must be open to the entire student body
  • Events included in an organization's Annual Budget request must be open to all students
  • The organization must have a representative attend Annual Budget Training held mid-fall semester
  • The organization must submit their Annual Budget Request via their organization's MyOrgs portal by 11:59 p.m. on the designated date during spring semester
  • The organization must have a representative attend a 5-minute Annual Budget Hearing with the FC to discuss the organization's request

Please note that the FC does not fund items such as fundraisers for the organization, items that will be kept by organization members (e.g. t-shirts, books, etc.), individual meals for members during travel, transportation, prizes, awards, credit producing programs/activities, etc.

For more information about Annual Funding, please contact the Office of Student Involvement.

For assistance in requesting a payment or a reallocation from your organization's approved annual or single-event budget please click on one of the linked below how-to guides. 

How To Make Payment Requests in MyOrgs

How To Request a Reallocation in MyOrgs

If your organization is looking for funding for one-time events, conferences, and supply purchases, they can apply for Single-Event Funding. The  Student Government Association Finance Committee (FC) reviews requests and distributes funding to organizations using money collected from every student through Segregated Fees.   

An organization can apply for Single-Event Funding either 3 times per semester, or up to $1,500 per semester, whichever comes first.  Once you submit your Single-Event Funding request via your organization's MyOrgs portal, you are invited to a FC meeting to discuss your request.  FC members will ask you to explain your request, ask you questions about it, and make a decision about funding the request.  Single-Event Funding is available on a first-come, first-served basis, so apply as early as possible. Note: Requests need to be made at least 30 days prior to the need. 

Please note that the FC does not fund items such as fundraisers for the organization, items that will be kept by organization members (e.g. t-shirts, books, etc.), individual meals for members during travel, transportation, prizes, awards, credit producing programs/activities, etc.

For more information about Single - Event Funding, please contact the Office of Student Involvement.

For help requesting a single-event budget, please see the how-to guide linked below.

How To Request a Single Event Budget in MyOrgs

There are several different ways that you can raise funds for your student organization.  Prior to choosing a method to fundraise it is important to understand how to hold a successful fundraiser.  

How to host a successful fundraiser…

Student organizations can choose to host events to raise money for their organization or a charity of their choosing.  These events can take a variety of forms and sizes. The size of an event determines how much time you should allow for planning.  In all cases, we recommend you allow 2-4 months to plan a fundraiser.  A successfully planned fundraiser can do much more than raise money.  It can promote and market your student organization, as well as create pride among existing members.  Please see the checklist below to ensure that you are adequately prepared to plan and execute a successful event. Please note that the Student Government Association Finance Committee does not fund fundraising.

Pre-event planning

  • Always have a fundraising goal in mind.  Having a goal can help you select the most appropriate fundraiser to meet your needs.
  • Be creative!  Don't do an event that every other organization on campus is doing or this will not catch students' attention.
  • Create a fundraising budget early!  If you need assistance understanding what is needed for a particular event, come see us in the Office of Student Involvement.
  • Create a timeline for your event and stick to it.  The timeline will help ensure that your event is properly planned and successful.

Characteristics of successful fundraising

  • It happens at a regular interval so students can expect it.
  • It appeals to a diverse group of students.  The more people who will be interested, the better!
  • It is well advertised so students and people outside your organization know about it.
  • There is little overhead cost.  These are costs that the organization must pay in order for the fundraiser to occur.
  • It highlights the talents of your group.  Look at the strengths of your members and host a fundraiser that focuses on them.

Please note that any fundraiser that involves the "sale" of people or services (i.e.- date auction or service auction events) are prohibited.  Although these events may not be designed to inflict harm, they do use such language and structure consistent with slavery.  Such activities may intentionally or unintentionally demean students on our campus, create unsafe situations, and are not consistent with the University of Wisconsin-River Falls institutional values.

Please note that unauthorized card readers for Point of Sale (POS) transactions are strictly prohibited. Student Organizations agree that UWRF provides only unmanaged internet connectibity to Student Organizations and that UWRF does not warrant this connectivity as appropriate or secure for the processing of payment card transactions. Both parties agree that UWRF is not acting as a Payment Card Industry (PCI) service provider for Student Organizations through the provision of said internet connectivity and Student Organizations, as the merchant of record, assume all risk, responsibility, and liability for protecting payment card data as well as for remaining compliant with the PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) and any other relevant industry standards or laws, as applicable. 


The State of Wisconsin Statutes requires all raffles to be licensed. For more information about that process, please contact the Office of Student Involvement.

Silent Auctions:

According to the State of Wisconsin Statutes, silent auctions are not raffles or games of chance, so they do not require a license and are considered legal.

Food stands are frequently used by UWRF student organizations.  While this is an effective fundraising activity it is very important that your organization know and follow proper processes and procedures related to food stands.  Please thoroughly review the process below to ensure a successful food stand!

Step 1: In order to host a temporary food stand, one organization representative must take and pass the Food Stand Quiz with a score of at least 90% one time per year.  This representative is expected to then provide guidance to other members who prepare and/or staff the food stand.  

Step 2: Complete the Food Stand Application. This application must be filled out by the person who took and passed the Food Safety Quiz and must be submitted at least 14 days before the food stand.  Organizations are limited to three food stands per year.  If you are wishing to have more than three food stands per year, your organization must work with Pierce County Public Health to obtain a Temporary Food Stand Permit.

Step 3: Once the Food Stand Application is submitted the Office of Student Involvement will review the application.  Please note a lack of detailed answers may result in denial of the application.  The Office of Student Involvement will then notify the student organization if their application has been approved or denied.  If the application is approved, a copy of the Food Stand Application will be e-mailed to the president of the hosting student organization.  If the food being served is required to maintain a specific temperature, a Food Temperature Recording Chart will also be e-mailed to you.

Step 4: Pick up a food safety kit from the Information Desk located in the University Center on the day of the food stand.  Additionally, the Food Stand Application must be on display at all times during the food stand.

Step 5: The Food Temperature Recording Chart must be completed and turned back in to the Involvement Center Desk within 14 academic days after the completion of the food stand.  Failure to do so will result in the loss of food stand privileges for your organization for one year.

Prior to designing or selling any apparel it is important to understand the University rules that surround using the Falcon or University logo.  Please note any design with the Falcon, Freddy, the UWRF logo, or even the words UWRF or the University of Wisconsin-River Falls must follow the licensing guidelines for UWRF Registered Marks found here.

Please remember that anything with the UWRF logo or language on it must be appropriate because it is representing the University.  Marketing and Graphics located in the University Center can help with the approval of designs containing University licensed words or images.   

If you plan to design apparel, please reach out to the Office of Student Involvement.

Consider the following when creating apparel for fundraising purposes:

  • Apparel is best if sold to existing members within a student organization.  The apparel should be optional to buy and funds raised by sales should be allocated to a specific event or cause. 
  • If you are looking to sell apparel to the general campus community, be sure to take into account the overhead costs of designing and creating apparel for such a large population. 

Some student organizations hold fundraisers at local restaurants where the organization recieves a designated percentage of the sales.  Please note the following when considering such a fundraiser:

  • Overhead costs to organize such a fundraiser are not funded by the FC

  • Some restaurants require that student organization members assist on site during the fundraiser

  • In order to fundraise at some local restaurants a tax ID number is required, please click here to contact the appropriate University personnel for assistance with this process.

One of the more popular options for restaurant fundraising is Buffalo Wild Wings Eat Wings, Raise Funds.  Other restaurants that may have fundraising opportunities include Culvers and Chipotle.

Online crowdfunding is raising money by getting small donations from a large number of people.  This fundraising tactic often uses online sites and social media such as Go Fund Me, etc.  Please note the following when considering crowdfunding for your student organization.

  • This method is usually used to fund a large trip, program, project, or purchase.
  • The most effective way to crowdfund is to have each member individually reach out to their family and friends for donations.
  • This method is especially effective with the increasing use of social media.  Consider that millennials check their phones an average of 43 times per day.  This means your fundraising will be sure to catch the attention of your friends and family.

Examples of websites that support crowdfunding include:

Philanthropic events are held by student organizations and usually do not require admission, but donations for a charity are normally collected. Please note while te FC does not fund events that fundraise for a student organization itself, they will consider funding philanthropic events which raise money for a charity.  If you have any questions regarding philanthropic events or the FC funding please contact the Office of Student Involvement.

Please consider the following when planning a philanthropic event:

  • It is best if a fundraising event is related to your student organization's mission or cause.  One good example of this is the GSA hosting the Drag Show, or the Dance Team hosting Dancing with the Stars.
  • Remember you can always use other fundraising methods such as vendor tabling to get the word out on campus about your event, but don't forget the number one way to market on college campuses is word of mouth.

Examples of other philanthropic events at UWRF include:

  • Take Back the Night
  • Puppy Petting
  • Dancing with the Stars

Recognized Student Organizations and University departments may use the University Center for fundraising activities.  Other organizations and off-campus vendors must be sponsored by a recognized student organization or campus department and have prior approval from the Director of the University Center.  Additional policies are listed below:

  • Recognized Student Organizations and University departments may sponsor three non-food fundraising events each semester with a maximum length of three days each. 
  • The Director of the University Center is responsible for the approval or denial of all off-campus vendors based on the following conditions:
  • A copy of a written agreement between the vendor and the student org is made available to the Campus Reservations office.
  • The sponsoring student organization must supply exact times/dates the vendor will be on campus.  In addition, the description of merchandise, names of three references where the vendor has sold merchandise before, and a list of requested equipment must be provided.
  • The name of the sponsoring organization must be clearly posted at the site of sale.
  • The sponsoring student organization is expected to be present at the time the vendor is setting up and tearing down the display.

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