University Police

Safety Programs

St. Croix Crime Stoppers

The Crime Stoppers Reward for information is a Program aimed at reducing crime on campus by enlisting the involvement of members of the community. People who have witnessed a crime can phone in their information to 1-800-303-8477 this call is anonymous. The information, if useful, may lead to the witness receiving a monetary reward.

Community Oriented Crime Prevention

This program involves students, faculty, staff, and visitors looking out for their own welfare, as well as the welfare of others, by taking basic safety and security measures into consideration during their daily routine while they are living, working, or visiting on campus. We hope that by keeping informed through reading information provided through a variety of media resources, the local cable and WRFW radio, people will be more aware of some basic security concepts that can be utilized to protect themselves, their properties, other people and the property of the University. Crime Prevention is not the sole responsibility of the University Police Department or local law enforcement entity; it is the responsibility of every member of the community.


The Safewalk Program attempts to provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere to the students, faculty, and other staff of the University community who do not wish to walk alone on campus during the evening hours. University Police Officers provide the escorts on campus. Any person requesting an escort can call The University Police Department at 715-425-3133.

Crime Prevention Presentations

Crime prevention presentations are made annually to various student groups, employees, student organizations, and clubs. If you wish to have a program, please contact the University Police Department at 715-425-3133 for more information.

Printed Materials

Printed crime prevention brochures, posters, booklets, and information relating to motor vehicle security, bicycle security, residence hall security, escort services, and personal safety and security issues are widely distributed at crime prevention presentations and at various locations throughout the campus.

Security Surveys

Comprehensive security surveys are made for a number of campus facilities.

Sexual Assault Awareness Education and Prevention

Rape awareness education and prevention presentations are made each year to members of the campus community.