Registration Information

Registration Information

Viewing Your Enrollment Date

  • Log-in to your eSIS account
  • Locate the "Enrollment Dates" box along the right side of your home page
  • It will say "Enrollment Appointment" in the box, click "Details" in the bottom right of the box
  • You will be brought to a new page that shows your enrollment date and time
    *** Enroll for your classes as soon after this time as you possibly can in order to ensure you have the best available class selection


If you cannot register due to a hold on your account, you can check for holds in your eSIS account. If you log-in to your eSIS account, on the top right of the home page there will be a box that says "Holds." In this box it will list any holds on your account you may have. If you do not know how to take care of a hold, you should contact the department or office the hold is dealing with.

Academic Level

Senior: 90+ credits
Junior: 60 - 89.0 credits
Sophomore: 30 - 59.9 credits
Freshman: 0 - 29.9 credits

*** Your current credit load will NOT be included in your total credits to determine your academic level

Class Time Breakdown

Lecture: 1 hour/week = 1 credit
Lab: 2 or 3 hours/week = 1 credit
Discussion: 1 hour/week = 1 credit
Online: 14 hours/semester = 1 credit

Student contact hours for a 100 percent face to face section requires 740 minutes of class time for each credit, plus approximately 1480 minutes of out-of-class work for each credit (Faculty and Staff Handbook, 9.2.2, or one hour of classroom or direct faculty instruction and a minimum of two hours of out-of-class student work each week for approximately fifteen weeks for one semester.  (United State Federal Credit Hour Definition)

List of Section Numbers

15 -  GIS certificate
30+ - Mixed Instruction Mode
39 -  Test Out (Modern Language and Math)
40 -  ITV
45 -  Wisconsin in Scotland
50 -  English Test Out
50's -Outreach Book Study (TED 695)
55 -  Experience China
65 -  Hudson Center
70 -  Study Tour Abroad
75 -  International Traveling Classroom
76 -  International Traveling Classroom
80 -  Brazil courses
90+ -Online
95 -  Alliance

Academic Term Code Definitions