Off Campus Housing Guide

Off Campus Housing Guide

This handbook is designed to help you make a successful transition into off campus housing.  Through this guide, you will be able to decide if you're ready for the move and also know what to look for when choosing a place to live. You will get tips to help you make wise decisions that may protect you physically, academically, and even financially down the road.  Topics will be covered that you may not have realized could affect you, such as city ordinances and off campus conduct rules enforced by the university.

Before you begin the process of moving off-campus, you must first be sure you are eligible to live outside the residence halls.  View the requirements for eligibility in Residence Life.


Alternate night (Odd/Even) parking starts November 1!

City of River Falls Police Department announcement.


Register your bicycle!!

The University Police Department has partnered with Residence Life to make a new bicycle registration program available for all students, staff and faculty.  It's a FREE and simple process that could lead to recovery of your bike.  For more information, click here.


Off Campus Fire Safety-Know the Alarming Truth!

The Alarming Truth is a short film that has been produced as part of a national campaign to raise awareness about fire safety for college students. The film depicts a fire occurring at an off-campus residence and the unfortunate outcome that affects those involved.  The campaign and video are funded under a Department of Homeland Security Fire Prevention and Safety grant and developed through the collaborative efforts of the Clery Center for Security On Campus, Campus Firewatch, Michael H. Minger Foundation, Rowan University, University of Pennsylvania, and the Philadelphia Fire Department.  





The university cannot accept liability for any errors or omissions contained in the information provided.  This guide to off campus housing information is provided solely as a courtesy. The University of Wisconsin-River Falls does not inspect, endorse or assume any responsibility for any properties, accommodations, or other housing options or websites; and it expressly disclaims any and all responsibility for any problems that may arise within connection therewith. Individuals are strongly advised to thoroughly investigate and inspect any properties, accommodations, or other housing options before making final arrangements.