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Disability Services

The Chalmer Davee Library, and its various units, will insure that library users with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations in their use of the library.


  • Individualized library orientation and individualized bibliographic instruction.
  • Assistance with the use of the online catalog, with electronic resources, and with other information needs.
  • Retrieval of books and materials from stacks and shelf areas.
  • Modifying lending rules on an individual basis.
  • Acceptance of telephone requests to check the online catalog to find out if a book is available. Checking to see if a book is on the shelf.
  • Setting up personal equipment for a study area.
  • Locating and setting up a study room in which a library user with disabilities and research assistant may review and discuss class assignments.
  • Photocopying a limited number of pages from books, journals, and microform materials at standard patron costs.
  • Assisting with preparation of Interlibrary Loan requests.
  • Granting of proxy privileges, which authorize a specified person to borrow library materials for a library user with disabilities.
  • Granting special permission to check-out non-circulating materials when necessary.
  • Renewing or recalling materials by phone or e-mail.
  • Working cooperatively with the Ability Services Office to provide textbooks for taping and for sign language interpreters, and in obtaining large print reproductions. These arrangements shall conform to Textbook Services Policies.
  • Requests for reference assistance may be made by e-mail, phone, or onsite.

The library currently provides the following disabilities accessible facilities and equipment:

  1. Accessible entrances and restrooms
  2. Accessible check-out counters
  3. Elevator access to all levels
  4. Ramp access to all library entrances
  5. Braille numbering and lettering designating restrooms, elevators, and room numbers
  6. Parking for individuals with disabilities near the library
  7. Text enlarger
  8. Accessible study tables and work stations on all levels
  9. Accessible desk for bibliographic instruction
  10. Study rooms with equipment for listening to recorded materials

More Information

Library Disability Services Policy

Library staff may refer students with disabilities to the Ability Services Office where additional services are available.

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