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Formal Complaint Process

Pursuant to the United States Department of Education's Program Integrity Rule and UW-River Falls internal policies, any individual may file a formal complaint.  An individual should first utilize the institution's internal complaint or review policies and procedures.  If an informal resolution is not achieved, the institution shall conduct a review and/or investigation into the allegations.  This review shall be completed within a 90-calendar day period, unless additional time is necessary to properly complete the review or investigative process.  The institution may conduct fact-finding during which the complainant and the institution shall be offered an opportunity to submit any relevant and material evidence and information in support of their respective positions.  Either party may request the presence of a representative during a meeting and/or investigatory interview of the respective party.  However, the parties shall be required to speak on their own behalf at all times during this complaint review process.  The parties shall be expected to cooperate fully in this review or investigative process.  Failure to do so may lead to dismissal of the complaint in its entirety.

1. The complainant will submit the complaint form by providing either an electronic copy as an attachment to an e-mail, or by mailing the form to UW-River Falls, 410 South Third Street, 227 Davee Library,  ATTN: Complaint, River Falls, WI  54022.  The form must be complete and the complainant's signature affirms that the complaint

  • Affirms the truth and accuracy of the report.
  • Consents to the institution's disclosure of any protected or confidential information that may pertain to the complaint for the purpose of review, investigations, and/or resolution of the matter.
  • Agrees to be available for additional information and/or questions from the institution in order to properly review the complaint.  If the complainant fails to provide requested information as part of this process, the institution may unilaterally dismiss the complaint on the grounds that the complainant has refused to willingly and fully participate in the complaint review process.
  • Agrees that if the complainant has filed an external complaint or grievance with either UW System or an external state agency prior to or during the filing of a complaint under this review process, the complainant shall notify the institution in order to avoid a duplication of the investigative process regarding a same or similar complaint.
  • Understands that state law may also provide for the public disclosure of any existing record or document that is a part of the complaint review process under the Wisconsin Open Records Law, Wis. Stats. 19.31, unless specifically exempt from disclosure by law.

2. No later than 60 calendar days from the conclusion of the review and/or investigative process, the Library Director shall issue a written decision to the complainant.  The decision may include one or more of the following determinations.

  • That there was insufficient evidence to find that a violation occurred;
  • That the complaint is dismissed due to lack of cooperation or participation on the part of the complainant, or untimely filing;
  • A recommended course of action for the institution to assure compliance with applicable laws or rules;
  • A directive to the unit, or sub-unit and/or any other remedy or resolution that is deemed appropriate and reasonable in response to the alleged violations;
  • A referral of the complaint to another unit within the institution that has authority over the issue; or
  • Any other remedy or action that is deemed appropriate and reasonable.

3. The decision of the Library Director may be appealed to the director's supervisor, the Associate Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, who shall have at least 60 days to review the decision.  Any additional appeals will follow the official reporting lines, up to the Chancellor.

4. A decision of the Chancellor shall not be subject to any further appeal or review within the institution.  The complainant may pursue any further claim or complaint through applicable state or federal law, or UW System processes.

5. If a resolution is not reached at the institutional level, or if a complainant believes that the nature of the complaint or its impact on the System as a whole warrants an immediate review, she/he should e-mail Academic Programs and Educational Innovation (APEI), call (608) 262-8778, or consult its website.

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