Faculty Senate

The Faculty Senate is the legislative arm of the faculty. As such, the faculty delegates to the senate its powers and responsibilities as affect the academic policies and programs, faculty affairs, and the general welfare of the university in accordance with the provisions of Article III.


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Faculty Senate needs your help to persuade Wisconsin legislators to fund the “Badgers Bounceback Budget” recently proposed by the governor. This budget proposal would, if approved, fund the tuition freeze by providing the UW System with $190m to maintain a quality education for our students without raising their costs. Please take a moment to help us in our efforts by identifying the many different ways UWRF is currently serving our community and state by clicking the box below. The survey will open in a new window.

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Senate Structure

Faculty Senate Membership 2020-21


Term Expires 2021

Term Expires 2022

Term Expires 2023



Natasha Rayne

Yoana Newman


  Grace Coggio
  Tim Lyden

  Mialisa Moline
  Glenn Spiczak

  John Heppen
  Doug Margolis


Tammy Kincaid


Gretchen Whitman


David Breger


Tony Varghese

4th Division

  Kenneth White

Ryan Bench
Martin Olague
Nathan Riel-Elness

Morgan Paavola

At Large

Tim Buttles (sr.)
Karl Peterson (sr.)
Julie Elias (jr.)

  Paige Miller (sr.)

 David Zlesak (sr.)
 Kevyn Juneau (jr.)
 Chris Holtkamp (jr.)


David Travis (Provost)

Executive Committee Membership




Doug Margolis

Vice Chair

Mialisa Moline

Elections Chair

Tim Buttles


Natasha Rayne

Faculty Senate Liaison

Kenneth White


Powers, Duties, and Responsibilities of the Faculty Senate


  • Receive and consider suggestions, proposals, and recommendations brought before the senate by the faculty, student body, and the administrative staff.
  • Prepare resolutions, proposals, recommendations, and specific legislation for faculty action.
  • Participate with the chancellor in the establishment and termination of the functions and memberships of all standing committees. There shall be provision for the establishment of faculty committees within the by-laws of the constitution. Specific provisions governing the powers, responsibilities, and procedures of faculty committees and the procedure of their appointment are to be found in the by-laws of the constitution.
  • Serve as coordinating and expediting agency for the work of standing committees and assign responsibility along with the chancellor for the execution of studies and activities of these committees. All recommendations for policy changes in the orientation and direction of all committees must be submitted for approval to both the Faculty Senate and the chancellor.
  • Study and recommend policies designed to improve faculty welfare.
  • Establish general interpretations of academic policy and regulations.
  • Conduct nominations and elections of members of the senate, as defined in Article VI Section C.
  • Inform the general faculty, the administration, and the student body of all senate actions affecting the areas of their respective concerns.
  • Recommend to the chancellor the university calendar, subject to the regulations of the Board of Regents.
  • Provide for and regulate such funds as may be raised and expended by the general faculty.
  • Study and make recommendations concerning any other subjects relative to the general welfare of the university.