Motions 2022-2023

Motion 1: Motion to approve the Diversity & Inclusivity Standing Charges as in the document available here.
(June, 2022)

Motion 2: Motion to approve the reappointment of John Heppen as Parliamentarian for the 2022-2023 Academic Year. (June, 2022)

Motion 3: Motion to approve the appointment of Dr. David Zlesak as chair of the Faculty Hearing, Grievance, and Appeals Committee for the 2022-2025 term. (June, 2022)

Motion 4: Motion to approve 10 Faculty Senate committee appointments.
(June, 2022)

Motion 5: Motion to approve the suspension of the Health and Wellness Management program (collaborative program with the UW System). (June, 2022)

Motion 6: Motion to approve the Master of Science in Business Analytics program 
(new program). (June, 2022)

Motion 7: Motion to approve 27 Faculty Senate committee appointments. (September, 2022)

Motion 8: Motion to approve the Search and Screen Committee for the Dean position in the College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences. (September, 2022)

Motion 9: Motion to approve Grace Coggio as interim chair to GEURC, Scott Mitchell for a new term to GEURC, Lori Nixon for a new term to Honors Steering Committee, and Holly Dolliver for a new term to Faculty Grievance Committee. (November, 2022)

Motion 10: Motion to rescind floating release from the GEURC Chair for 2022-23. (November, 2022)

Motion 11: Motion to create the ad hoc “Faculty Senate Representation Committee”. (November, 2022)

Motion 12: Motion to approve 27 committee appointments from 10/05/2022 meeting. (November, 2022)

Motion 13: Motion to approve the new Sustainable Campus Community Plan (SCCP) from 10/05/2022 meeting. (November, 2022)

Motion 14: Motion to recommend the Faculty Senate Chair change the goals ranking of the UW System Strategic Plan Draft and communicate the change to the UW System. (November, 2022)

Motion 15: Motion to approve the UWRF Strategic Plan Goals from 10/05/2022 meeting. (November, 2022)

Motion 16: Motion to approve the appointment of Kelly Wilhelm as member of the University Athletic Committee. (November, 2022)

Motion 17: Motion to approve an extension for the Faculty Senate Representation Committee to complete its work and report on it by December 10. (November, 2022)

Motion 18: Motion to approve the name of the College of Education, Business and Allied Health (CEBAH). This motion is limited to the naming of CEBAH only. (November, 2022)

Motion 19: Motion to approve the Strength & Conditioning Master's Program change (relevant documents available). (November, 2022)

Motion 20: Motion to approve the B.S. in Biomedical and Health Science Program change (relevant documents available). (November, 2022)

Motion 21: Motion to approve the B.S. in Biology - Ecology and Organismal Biology Option program change (relevant documents available). (November, 2022)