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1. Purpose:

The needs of the university faculty and staff will always grow and adapt to the continuously changing technologies within higher education. This environment of change necessitates the involvement of faculty and academic staff in shared governance decisions regarding instructional and learning technologies and related support services.

The University Technology Committee (UTC) will represent faculty and instructional academic staff interests regarding technology for instruction, research, and support services. The UTC will address related issues and develop pertinent procedures and policies. The faculty senate will provide UTC with Faculty Senate-driven initiatives.

The UTC will also act as a conduit through which the campus community may request information about or propose instructional and learning technology requests. UTC will consider instructional and learning technology-related issues as they are brought forward to the committee. Any university body is encouraged to and may bring technology-related issues forward to the UTC for consideration.

2. Definition:

Instructional technologies described the intellectual and technical development of educational technology, both physical hardware and educational theoretics. This includes computing and communication hardware/software resources with the corresponding infrastructure. This can influence the delivery of instruction and can enhance learning outcomes.

Examples of these technologies include: technology-enhanced classroom resources, electronic communication resources (World Wide Web, e-mail, etc.), general access and other non-discipline-specific computer lab/classrooms, faculty and staff computers, distance learning facilities and library use of instructional and learning technologies,

3. Function

  1. Division of Technology Service shall present to the committee the details of campus-level technology initiatives causing significant changes relating to pedagogy, teaching and learning, or research; and the University Technology Committee shall upon receipt and review of the information, voice its perspectives regarding such initiatives
  2. Monitors technical developments and stays actively engaged with information technology trends within higher education
  3. Facilitates ongoing campus discussions that examine technology issues in the context of teaching & learning, research, support services, and user experience
  4. Reviews and recommends policies and procedures with respect to allocation, implementation, use, assessment, and support of instructional and learning technologies
  5. Reviews the performance of information technology facilities and services in supporting and assisting teaching & learning, scholarly activity, student support services, and user experiences
  6. Recommends priorities for the allocation of instructional and learning-related technology resources
  7. Reviews and makes recommendations on the strategic planning of campus technology services and infrastructure
  8. Receives recommendations from campus stakeholders regarding the establishment, abolition, or merger of information technology services and facilities
  9. Identify and promote related faculty development opportunities
  10. Evaluates its own duties and membership as needed to reflect the rapid changes in technology

4. Membership:

Ten voting members, Committee chair to be from Faculty/Instructional Academic Staff.

  1. Academic Affairs (Provost appointment, 1)
  2. Business and Finance (Chief Business Officer appointment, 1)
  3. Division of technology Services (Chief Information Officer appointment, 1)
  4. Faculty/Instructional Academic Staff (Faculty Senate appointments, 6)
    1. CAFES (1)
    2. CAS (1)
    3. CEBAH (1)
    4. At large (3) with at least one (1) member of the graduate faculty
    5. Student (Student Senate appointment, 1)

5. Term of Office:

  1. Faculty/Instructional Academic Staff: three years, one-third to be appointed each year
  2. Student: One year

6. Decision-making and voting

  1. Decision-making processes are defined in Robert’s Rules of Order, revised
  2. The University Technologies Committee of the Faculty Senate will develop procedures and policy proposals regarding instructional and learning technologies. These proposals will go before the Faculty Senate for discussion and approval. When approved, the proposals will be forwarded to the Chancellor for approval.


Required Status
Voting Status
Required Rank
Confirming Body
Faculty CEBAH Voting Paige Miller (chair 2023-2024) NA 2023-2026 Faculty Senate
Faculty CEBAH Voting

Ron Anderson

NA 2021-2024 Faculty Senate
Faculty CEBAH Voting Joel Donna NA 2021-2024 Faculty Senate
Faculty CAFES Voting Kevin Thaisen NA 2022-2025 Faculty Senate
Faculty CAFES Voting

Kelly Wilhelm

NA 2023-2025 Faculty Senate
Faculty CAS Voting

Ozcan Kilic

NA 2022-2025 Faculty Senate
Faculty CAS Voting

Melissa Hayslip

NA 2023-2026 Faculty Senate

Joe Kmiech

NA indefinite NA
Business and Finance CBO appointment Voting

Robert Bode

NA indefinite NA
Academic Affairs  Provost appointment (Library) Voting

Maureen Olle-LaJoie

NA indefinite NA
Student  Student Voting   NA 2023-2024 Student Senate