Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter IX: Services and General Information

9.3 Publications

9.3.1 Publications Office

The Publications Office serves all UW-River Falls departments, services and programs that wish to communicate through the printed piece or through the World Wide Web. It provides coordination of projects from consultation through delivery of the finished product. It is our goal to provide consistent, quality publications that reflect the image of the University. The Publications Office serves as the liaison between UW-River Falls and the Department of Administration's State Printing Section in performing administrative support in state contract printing.

9.3.2 Fast Copy

The Fast Copy Center is equipped to produce printing in a rapid fashion. The Publications Office can help determine if a printed piece can be produced in Fast Copy or if off-campus printing is necessary. Fast Copy generally produces printed material for distribution on campus to inform the campus community of events, and material used within and between departments and offices. For details, see the Fast Copy website, above.

9.3.3 Falcon Daily

The Falcon Daily is an on-line news resource distributed each school day through email to all faculty and staff during the 9:00 a.m. hour. It serves to inform campus faculty and staff of University activities. Non-campus staff and community members may subscribe to the Falcon Daily mailing list. The deadline for submission of an item to Falcon Daily is 4 p.m. the day before publication.

9.3.4 The Student Voice

The UW-River Falls Student Voice is a weekly newspaper published every week school is in session. The student staff is completely responsible for the paper's operation, with a journalism faculty member advising. Any UWRF student in any major may apply for a position with the Student Voice. The newsroom is located at 304 North Hall.

9.3.5 Campus Directory

The Campus Directory is published during the Fall semester and contains the names, campus addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of all faculty and staff. It also contains names, local/campus addresses, hometowns, and email addresses of students. Telephoning, notary public, and some schedule information are also contained in the Directory.

The online campus directory is found at:

For a photographic directory of faculty and staff, see:

9.3.6 Catalogs

The undergraduate catalog and the graduate catalog, indispensable sources of information, are official documents of the University. They contain statements of institutional objectives and policies as well as course descriptions, and must be accepted as an authoritative source supplemented only by administrative directives or policies adopted by the Faculty Senate and approved by the Chancellor. The online catalog is regularly updated. Print copies of the undergraduate catalog are also available.

9.3.7 The Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

The 22nd edition of the Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook is designed to provide faculty and academic staff members and administrative officers with information necessary for an understanding of UW-River Falls, including the basic organizational patterns of the University, personnel and academic rules and procedures, System and University policies, and other information relevant to members of the University community.

9.3.8 The Classified Staff Handbook

The Classified Staff Handbook provides information about classified staff rules and procedures.

9.3.9 The Student Handbook

The UW-River Falls Calendar and Student Handbook summarizes academic regulations which are defined in the University Catalog. It provides information on Student Affairs programming, which supports a student's personal development and success. The Handbook explains a variety of student services and offers valuable information on student involvement opportunities and available facilities. Student conduct and disciplinary procedures are also covered.

9.3.10 Brochures

Although information on University services and programs is available on the UWRF website (, a number of brochures describing programs and services are regularly published. Those interested in publishing a brochure should visit