Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter VIII - Academic Standards, Procedures and Policies

8.11 Teaching/Service Awards

8.11.1 The Distinguished Teacher Award

The Distinguished Teacher Award is presented annually. The method of selection and presentation is as follows:

  • The recipient is selected by polling the current graduating class, third-year graduates, and fifth-year graduates.
  • Each member of the classes is requested to make two nominations for the award, with a first and a second choice.
  • The nominations are tabulated with a weight of "2" for a first choice and "1" for a second choice. The teacher with the highest rating is granted the award.
  • Of the nominees, the only name to be announced will be that of the teacher selected for the award.
    · The selection is announced at spring Commencement.
  • A teacher may receive the award only once.

8.11.2 Advisor of the Year Award

[FS 08/09-34]

An academic advisor of the year award will be presented annually.

  1. Purpose and Eligibility: The purpose of the UWRF Academic Advisor of the Year award is to recognize excellence in the academic advising of undergraduate students. Eligible for the award are full-time tenure-track faculty and professional staff with a minimum of four years of academic advising at UWRF.
  2. Nomination Procedure: Eligible nominators include all current students and alumni of UWRF. An on-line nomination form will be made available through the University web site and advertised electronically to current students and alumni. Seniors, three-, and five-year alumni will receive solicitations via postcard along with their Distinguished Teacher Award nominating materials.
  3. Selection Procedure: The Advising Committee will collect the nominations. The committee's selection will not be based solely on the number of nominations received but will also take into account student and alumni comments in order to address disparity in advising loads in different departments.
  4. Recommendation to the Chancellor: The committee's annual recommendation to the Chancellor will consist of a single academic advisor's name.
  5. Award Presentation: Of the nominations, the only name to be announced will be the advisor selected for the award. The award presentation will be made at the Chancellor's Award Reception. It is recommended that a monetary prize accompany the award. An advisor may receive the award only once.
  6. Improvement of Academic Advising: The Advising Committee will evaluate the nominations to gain insight on what students and alumni consider to be criteria for outstanding academic advising. These insights will inform development of faculty and student outcomes of advising, tools for their assessment, and plans for their achievement.

8.11.3 Outstanding Faculty Awards by College

A number of outstanding Faculty Awards are presented annually by each of the four Colleges. For details on these awards, contact the appropriate Dean’s office.

8.11.4 The Chancellor's Award for Excellence

The Chancellor's Award for Excellence is presented annually to a non-instructional academic staff member who has made an outstanding contribution to the University. Letters of nomination are made to the Chancellor from faculty, students, and staff. Selection is made by the Chancellor upon the recommendation of a committee composed of the Provost and Vice Chancellor, the Chair of the Faculty Senate, the President of the Student Senate, and an appointed classified person.