Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter VI:  Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

6.8 Promotion to Indefinite Appointment: UWRF 8

6.8.1 Promotion to Indefinite Appointment

Promotion to indefinite status is conducted under the provisions of UWS 10.03. A decision on indefinite appointment for an employee hired into probationary status must be made not later than the end of the sixth consecutive year of probationary service for both full and part-time persons. A leave of absence shall not constitute a break in continuous service, nor shall it be included in the probationary period.

Promotion to indefinite status shall be based on professional merit rather than mere longevity. Criteria for promotion to indefinite status shall be based on professional competency and excellence attained in the responsibilities to which the staff member has been assigned. Criteria for evaluating an academic staff member for promotion to indefinite status shall be determined by the immediate supervisor(s). The decision maker must notify a probationary academic staff member, in writing, at least thirty (30) days prior to the review conference at which promotion to indefinite appointment will be considered.

The academic staff member may review his or her official personnel file and may submit additional written material as he or she deems relevant prior to the review conference. He or she may also make a personal presentation. The meeting at which the presentation is made shall be closed unless an open meeting is requested by the academic staff member. The recommendation of the immediate supervisor(s) as to promotion to indefinite appointment shall be forwarded to the Dean or division head within five (5) working days of the conference.

6.8.2 Dean or Division Head's Action on Recommendation for Indefinite Appointments

Upon receipt of the recommendation from the immediate supervisor, the Dean or division head shall review the personnel file and forward a decision to the Chancellor within ten (10) working days of receipt of the immediate supervisor’s recommendation. The Dean or division head may request a personal interview with the immediate supervisor, academic staff member involved, or both. If the Dean or division head forwards a recommendation for non-promotion to indefinite appointment and this decision results in nonrenewal, he or she shall forward a written notification to the Academic Staff Council Chair with a copy to the individual involved within three (3) working days of the recommendation to the Chancellor.

6.8.3 Appeal Process when Non-Promotion Results in Nonrenewal

An academic staff member who receives a notice of non-promotion shall be provided with an opportunity to receive, in writing, the reasons for non-promotion. Such a request by the staff member shall be made in writing to the authorized official who signed the letter of nonpromotion within five (5) working days of the receipt of the letter of non-promotion. The authorized official shall have five (5) working days in which to provide written response. The academic staff member, within twenty (20) working days of receipt of the letter recommending non-promotion, may request a hearing by the Academic Staff Council. This request shall be made in writing, specifying the reasons for appeal. The Academic Staff Council shall meet within twenty (20) days after receipt of the appeal request. Academic Staff Council members must be disqualified if they participated in the nonrenewal decision. On the motion of either party in the case, any additional members of the Academic Staff Council may be disqualified by majority vote of the members for cause. If any Academic Staff Council member(s) is disqualified, the remaining members shall select by majority vote a replacement(s) from among the academic staff. The review of the case shall be limited to whether the decision was based in any significant degree on any factor with material prejudice to the individual:

  1. improper consideration of qualifications;
  2. employment practices proscribed by state or federal law; or
  3. conduct, expression, or beliefs which are constitutionally protected. The Academic Staff Council shall review the case and forward a recommendation to the Chancellor within thirty (30) days after the initial hearing, with a copy to the Dean or division head, immediate supervisor, and academic staff member involved. This time limit may be extended by mutual consent of the Academic Staff Council and the academic staff person involved. The Academic Staff Council shall retain jurisdiction during the pendency of the hearing.

6.8.4 Chancellor's Prerogative

The Chancellor may award an indefinite contract to a fixed term employee.