Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter VI:  Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

6.5 Letters of Appointment and Reappointment: UWRF 5

6.5.1 General Information To Be Included in Letter of Appointment - Reappointment

The terms and conditions of the appointment shall be signed by the Chancellor and shall reference the appropriate UWRF and System rules that outline the circumstance of the appointment. It shall contain details as to the terms and conditions of the appointment, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Type of appointment, whether fixed term, probationary, or indefinite. New hires should be encouraged to read UWS 10 and UWRF 3 (6.3 in this chapter) for additional information
  2. Duration of the appointment including starting and ending dates, with an indication of whether there is a potential for renewal
  3. The salary
  4. The specific position title from the University of Wisconsin Title Code List, and the general position responsibilities
  5. A definition of the operational area or, in the case of instructional academic staff, the courses to be taught, which may include a range of credits
  6. The length of the probationary period (if appropriate) and recognition of prior service as part of the probationary period (if appropriate)

6.5.2 Additional Information to Accompany Letter

Accompanying this letter shall be web addresses leading to institutional and System regulations, rules, and procedures relating to academic staff appointments. If the appointment is subject to the approval of the Board of Regents, a statement to this effect must be included in the letter. An amended letter of appointment shall be sent in situations where a significant change in position responsibility occurs. Reappointment letters shall be sent to academic staff members by the Dean or division head annually or whenever a change in the existing conditions of employment occurs. Such letters shall include any changes in points (A)-(F) above and follow the notice periods as stated in UWS 10.05.

6.5.3 Employment Contract Review

Each non-instructional and instructional academic staff member shall meet within 30 days from the effective appointment date with the Chancellor's designee to review the terms and conditions of employment as stated in the initial appointment letter.