Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter VI:  Academic Staff Personnel Policies and Procedures

6.14 Academic Staff With Teaching Responsibilities: UWRF 14

6.14.1 Existing Rights

A member of the academic staff granted a limited appointment shall not lose existing rights to an academic staff appointment by accepting a limited appointment. (See definition of Limited Appointment, UPG 3.02).  Regent Resolution #9091 (adopted November 11, 2005; see Regent Policy 20-18) affirms that a member of the academic staff does not lose existing rights to an academic staff appointment upon acceptance of a limited appointment at the same institution.

Under  § 36.13(6), Wisconsin Statutes, tenure and probationary faculty appointments are at a particular institution and do not carry rights beyond that institution. Similarly, under UWS 10.01, Wisconsin Administrative Code, academic staff appointments are limited to operational areas in an institution specified at the time of appointment. Accordingly, the protection of § 36.17, Wisconsin Statutes, as affirmed by Regent Resolution #9091, applies only to the acceptance of a limited appointment at the faculty or academic staff member's own institution. If a faculty or academic staff member accepts a limited appointment at a different UW System institution, he or she would not retain existing rights in the former faculty or academic staff position.

Should a limited appointee with a concurrent academic staff appointment be terminated from the limited position, the appointee has no minimum notice rights. However, the appointee has the right to assume the concurrent appointment without a separation in service.

6.14.2 Reinstatement of Contracts for Academic Staff

When vacating a limited appointment, an academic staff employee shall revert to his or her previous contract status of fixed-term, probationary or indefinite, and the rights and responsibilities thereof.

6.14.3 Privileges

In April 1987, the Academic Staff Council granted all privileges of academic staff membership, including voting for candidates to the Academic Staff Council, serving on the Academic Staff Council, and obtaining Academic Staff Professional Development grants, to limited appointees.

6.14.4 Complaints

An employee in a limited position has the right to file a complaint under the provisions of UWS 6.01 and UWS 13.01.