Faculty and Staff Handbook

24th Edition, 2015 Version

Chapter IV: Faculty Personnel Rules and Procedures of UW-River Falls

4.13 Emeritus Status: Criteria, Procedures, Privileges

4.13.1 Criteria for Awarding Emeritus Status

Emeritus status is awarded in recognition of excellence in contributions to UW-River Falls. It is not granted automatically upon retirement.

4.13.2 Requirements

  1. Only faculty and academic staff are eligible for emeritus status.
  2. Emeritus status is awarded only to individuals retired from UW-River Falls.
  3. Emeritus status is awarded based on a minimum of 15 years of significant service to UW-River Falls.
  4. Exceptions to these requirements may be considered if there is considerable support for the application by the nominating unit or if there are unusual circumstances.

4.13.3 Procedures

  1. The name and qualifications of an eligible faculty or academic staff member are submitted by the academic unit or department to the appropriate Dean or Supervisor for approval.
  2. If approved, the nomination is forwarded to the Chancellor for final approval.
  3. Upon final approval, the Chancellor sends a letter to the nominee listing privileges bestowed by emeritus status. The appropriate units, such as the Library, the Campus Card Office, and IT Services, will also receive a copy of the letter.

4.13.4 Privileges

Privileges bestowed on individuals awarded emeritus status will be reviewed periodically by administration. Any changes or adjustments to the list of privileges will be made in consultation with the Faculty Senate. Emeriti will be notified if any changes occur due to budgetary reasons. Privileges include:

  1. complimentary parking permit, upon request
  2. campus ID, with all privileges it confers
  3. a UW-River Falls e-mail address
  4. the right to participate in all-University social affairs and functions
  5. inclusion on the Falcon Features mailing list
  6. complimentary tickets to University Theatre performances upon request