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General Education Appendix Forms

Appendix GE

Course Proposal Forms for General Education Designation

The forms required to submit course proposals for General Education Designation are available below. Information regarding each goal is available by selecting the goal. Before completing the form, familiarize yourself with the goal your course is designed to fulfill.

Specific proposal forms are available under the appropriate goal and sub category for your course. Download the form and fill in the gray boxes (they will expand as needed). You will not be able to change anything else about the form. Save the form so that you are able to work on it and have a copy of what you have done.

The Request for Direct Submission: Path I for courses with no significant changes is available.
The Request for Expedited Process: Path II for existing courses with significant but not substantive changes is available.

The GEUR appendix should be added to the offical Combined Transmittal Form. 


Goal One – Communicate effectively


Goal Two - Demonstrate knowledge of past and present human endeavor
Goal Three – Apply scientific principles to the natural world
Goal Five – Evaluate individual responsibility to self, society, and the world
UNIVERSITY REQUIREMENTS: American Cultural Diversity and Global Perspectives