Chancellor’s University Staff Excellence Awards

2010 Sue Watters and Brad Johnson


Brad Johnson

Brad "Bob" Johnson lost his courageous battle with cancer before we were able to commend him with the award. His wife, Connie, was able to accept the award on behalf of him and his family. Working as a custodian in South Hall, he was well known for his interpersonal skills and willingness to do little things to brighten everyone’s day. He made visitors to South Hall feel like they were the most important people in the world. Brad made sure he got to know everyone who worked in South Hall, too.

Brad was an avid hunter, a fan of Brett Favre, and a talented handyman. From placing flowers on the women’s restroom counters to countering an ant invasion, Brad always went the extra mile. His small gestures to make South Hall a better place to work and visit made a huge impact on everyone. Brad is truly missed.

Sue WattersSue Watters

Sue Watters is a university services associate in Career, Counseling, and Student Health Services.  

Sue can be called upon to multitask and switch roles on short notice and quite often. She might be checking on event details, the next minute be comforting an emotional student, and the next be talking to a parent about his or her depressed student. Through all of the chaos, Sue creates order and maintains the poise and calm needed to effectively work with potential employers through Career Services at a moment’s notice. Her co-workers noted her foresight and ability to plan ahead; she typically has already finished a task that others are just getting around to proposing. 

Sue's generous, caring spirit extends beyond UW-River Falls. She is deeply committed to service projects both here and abroad.