Chancellor’s University Staff Excellence Awards

2015 Craig Carlson and Joseph McIntosh


Craig Carlson

Craig Carlson, a senior electronic technician, is one of the individuals responsible for much of the existing telephone and telecommunications system on campus. Much of his work is performed in hidden places that most students and staff don't see, in back mechanical rooms, working on the maze of telecommunications junction panels or above the ceilings, pulling wires. 

"Craig's willingness to take on difficult projects and extra work outside the scope of his job description are hallmarks," said Mark Gillis in his nomination of Craig.

Joe McIntosh

Joe McIntosh is a building and grounds supervisor. 

"Joe has great talent and skill in grounds maintenance and a deep and ongoing commitment to make the UWRF grounds as beautiful, useful, and sustainable as possible with the available resources," said David Zlesak in his nomination of Joe.

Joe's dedication goes beyond his work duties, as he embodies UWRF's commitment to global education and engagement by hosting and mentoring many of our international students and participating in the Wisconsin in Scotland program. He has worked with student groups to clear out invasive plants along the Kinnickinnic and is proactive in working with programs on campus that use the grounds for teaching. 

"Joe leads by example and exemplifies what it truly means to be a hard worker," said Max Hansen and Dane Pronschinske, student grounds workers.


Craig Carlson Universtiy Staff Award Photo

Jospeh McIntosh University Staff Photo