Chancellor’s University Staff Excellence Awards

2017 Greg Thomas and Roxanne Schneberger

Greg Thomas

Greg joined the university in fall 2011 and has been a valuable asset, working tirelessly to ensure not only that his areas are cared for and maintained but also that his colleagues are successful. He embodies a spirit of positivity and humor that creates an enjoyable atmosphere even on the most difficult of jobs. His ability to assess a situation and develop a host of creative solutions ultimately picking the most efficient and cost effective method is unparalleled. One such instance is when he had to move a 400-pound motor down a flight of stairs. Greg created a solution and accomplished the task before his supervisor could even ask what the plan was. Greg’s commitment to his division is demonstrated in his willingness to assist the ground crews with snow removal, and his having taken on duties in the welding shop.

Roxanne Schneberger

Roxanne has been with UWRF for 34 years and has filled numerous roles and responsibilities with exceptional dedication. It was clear from her peer nominations that Roxanne continually goes above and beyond what is expected of her to serve her department and the university as a whole. In addition to her role as a purchasing agent for Facilities Management, Roxanne has also taken on management of campus-wide elevator maintenance, fire extinguisher and suppression system inspections, and signage orders. Her regular responsibilities include tasks such as scheduling the grease pit cleaning at the University Center, ordering propane fuel for our laboratory farms, and procuring all material and equipment needed for our maintenance and construction projects. Roxanne approaches each task with a dedication and commitment to do her best that is unparalleled.

Many of the colleagues who nominated Roxanne said that her degree of precision, timeliness and attention to detail make her an instrumental part of the university. She is a key team member in Facilities Management, her “organization and recordkeeping are amazing,” and she is always working to make sure her division runs efficiently and effectively, keeping “meticulous auditable records.”

Roxanne is considered a “go-to” person for any questions regarding parts or equipment and often needs to work under short deadlines and in emergency situations, extending her day to help track down parts and contractors. Her "ability to keep up to date regarding contract rules and UW System regulations is amazing.”