Chancellor’s University Staff Excellence Awards

2019 Craig Homan and Brenda Irvin



Craig Homan

Craig Homan, a facilities technician, is a recipient of the 2019 Chancellor’s Award for University Staff. 

After nearly ten years with UWRF, Craig has come to be known as respected team member with wide-ranging expertise. Nominators described Craig as someone who is not afraid of taking on new tasks and comes to work every day with a smile on his face and a positive attitude. He is a true joy to work with, they said.



Brenda Irvin

Brenda Irvin, budget and policy analyst in the Business and Finance Office, received the 2019 Chancellor’s Award for University Staff.

Brenda works closely with many budget managers on campus to help them understand their budgets and develop multi-year forecasts. Several of those nominating Brenda said her exceptional level of service, expertise and dedication to UWRF contributes significantly to the success of the university’s employees and students. 

“Brenda does all of this and much more with a smile, easy laugh and an attitude of ‘how can I help you?’” a nominator said. Brenda joined UW-River Falls in 2012.

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Brenda Irvin 20200110