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- A -

Ability Services (Student Ability Services)
Academic Advisor Award
Academic Affairs List
Academic Calendar

Academic Catalog

Academic Forms
Academic Plans
Academic Staff Award
Academic Staff Council

Academic Standards, Procedures and Policies
Academic Success Center
Accounting Degree Requirements
Accounting Department, CBE
Accounting Services (of the university)

Accounts Receivable (Student Billing)
Activity Insight
Adapted Physical Education Minor
Addresses for Residence Halls


Administrative Policy Directory
Admissions Office
Adult Degree Completion Program
Adult Education Programs
Adviser of the Year Award Recipients
Affirmative Action (Office)

Agricultural Economics Degree Requirements
Agricultural Economics Department
Agricultural Education Degree Requirements
Agricultural Education Department

Agricultural Education Graduate Degree
Agricultural Engineering Technology Degree Requirements
Agricultural Engineering Technology Department
Agricultural Science (Building)
Agricultural Studies Degree Requirements

Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences, College of
Agronomy, see Crop Science Minor
Airport Shuttle
Alternative Education
Alumni, Distinguished

Animal and Food Science Department
Animal Science Degree Requirements
Anthropology - Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice
Anthropology Minor
Apparel, UWRF Sweatshirts, T-shirts,

Area Media
Area Research Center
Arena, Hunt
Art Degree Requirements

Art Department
Art Gallery (Gallery 101)
Arts and Sciences, College of
Asian Studies Minor

Assistant Chancellor for Business and Finance
Associate Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

Association for International Development
Athletics, Falconslink
Audit, Internal

Auditing a Course

Australia Early Childhood Programlink
Axis TV

- C -

Cable TV
CAFES - College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
Calendar of Events
Calendar of Events Information for Submitting Events
Calendar, Academic (Registrar's Office)

Camp Badger Exploring Engineering

Camps, Sports: Football, Basketball and Volleyballlink
Campus Climate Report
Campus Farms
Campus Information Desk

Campus Map
Campus Organizational Chart
Campus Planning
Campus Safety and Health
Card Office (w/Online Services)

Career Services
Cars (Fleet Vehicles)
CarShare by Enterprise
CAS - College of Arts and Sciences
Cashiers Office, Student Billing
Catalog (Degree Requirements and Courses)

Catalog (Submit Program Updates)
CBE - College of Business and Economics
Celebrating Research, Scholarship and Creative Achievement (CRSCA)
Centennial Science Hall (Building)

Center for Dairy Farm Safety
Central Heating Plant (Building)
Central Stores
CEPS - College of Education and Professional Studies
Certification (Teacher Licensing)

Chairpersons, Department and Unit
Chalk and Wire
Chalmer Davee Library
Chancellor Student Ambassadors

Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Academic Staff
Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Classified Staff
Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Students
Change Work Address (HR link in eSIS)
Channel List for Cable TV

Cheesemaker Workshop
Chemistry Degree Requirements
Chemistry Department
Child Care, C.H.I.L.D. Center

China CERS Internship Trip
China, Experience
Chiropractic Pre-Professional Courses

Class Schedule
Classified Staff Award
Classroom Scheduling (For Faculty and Staff)
Climate on Campus

Climbing Wall Fees
Clinical Exercise Physiology

Clothing, UWRF Sweatshirts, T-shirts,
Clubs and Organizations
CMS Training

Coaching Minor
College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
College of Arts and Sciences
College of Business and Economics
College of Education and Professional Studies

Commencement, Graduation
Committees (Student Senate)link
CommonSpot Training pages (Web Authors)
CommonSpot Training About

Communication and Media Studies Department
Communication Studies Degree Requirements
Communication Sciences and Disorders Degree Requirements
Communication Sciences and Disorders Department
Communication Sciences and Disorders Graduate Degree

Community Planning Degree Requirements
Community Planning, Department of Plant and Earth Science
Community Service Opportunities
Compass, The (Studio Abroad)link

Computer Science Bachelor of Applied Science

Computer Science Graduate Degree
Computer Science and Information Systems Degree Requirements
Computer Science and Information Systems Department
Conference and Event Services

Conference Room Reservations
Conservation Degree Requirements
Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST)
Continuing Education
Copy Machines, Copying Jobs

Costa Rica Sustainability International Education Abroadlink
Counseling and School Psychology Department
Counseling Graduate Degree
Counseling Services
Course Catalog

Course Fee Approvals (Special)
Crime Report, Campus
Criminal Justice (Sociology, Anthropology and Criminal Justice Department)
Criminal Justice Minor

Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement Bachelor of Applied Science Degree
Crops and Soils (Plant and Earth Science Department)
Crops and Soils Degree Requirements
CRSCA (Celebrating Research, Scholarship and Creative Achievement)
Custodial Services (Facilities Management)
Customized Learning for Educators

- S -

Safety, Campus
Schedule a Room on Campus
Schedules, Class
Scholars, Falcon
Scholarship: McNair

School Psychology Graduate Degree (Ed S)
School Psychology Graduate Degree (MSE)
School Psychology Graduate Program
Science, Broad Field Degree Requirements

Science, General (Minor for Elementary Science Teachers)
Sciences, College of Arts and
Scotland, Wisconsin in
Scotland: Experience Scotland, Wisconsin In Scotlandlink
Secondary Education Degree Requirements

Security, University Police Department
Semester Abroad Europe
Semester Abroad: Europelink
Service Center - Division of Technology Services
Shared Inquiry Communities Graduate Degree (MSE)

Shuttle, Twin Cities
Small Business Development Center

(see Tobacco-free Policy)
Social Science Degree Requirements
Social Studies, Broad Field
Social Work Degree Requirements

Social Work Department
Sociocultural Programming
Sociology Degree Requirements
Sociology, Anthropology, and Criminal Justice Department

Special Course Fee Approvals

Sports Campslink
Sports Informationlink
Sports Intramural
Sports Schedulelink
Spring Break
Stage And Screen Arts Department

Stage And Screen Arts Degree Requirements
Stabling Facilities, Horse

St. Croix Valley Tourismlink
Store, Falcon Shop (
Strategic Planning

Strength and Conditioning (HHP)
Student Ability Services
Student Billing
Student Affairs
Student Center

Student Conduct
Student Health and Counseling Services
Student Health Services
Student Involvement (student life)

Student Newsletter
Student Organizationslink
Student Rights and Responsibilities
Student Senatelink
Student Services and Programs
Student Support Services (TRIO)

Student Union
Student Voicelink
Study Abroad
Success Center, Academic
Summer Concert Series

Summer Session
Sundial, Richard D. Swensen
Surplus Property Program
SURSCA (Society for Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activities)
Survey Research Center, Regional Development Institute (RDI)

Surveys (Qualtrics)
Suspension, Academic
Sustainable Agriculture Option, Crops and Soils Degree Requirements
Sustainable Enterprise Management Certificate / Science Certificate
Sustainable Management Interdisciplinary Degree Requirements

- X -

- Z -