Parent and Family Resources

Your student's first-year on campus will be a time of great change.  Students beginning their college experience will encounter new responsibilities, demanding academic expectations, challenges to beliefs and values, and changing relationships with friends and family members.  We are here to help you make the most of these exciting and stressful transitions.

The Department of New Student and Family Programs is committed to providing new students and their families with the information, resources, and support that is needed during the transition to and through the college experience.  We also believe that involved and informed parents and family members are an essential resource to new students during their transition to campus and consider you to be a valuable partner is student success.

We hope you find the following resources helpful during your student's transition to campus:

  • New Student and Family Handbook
    Contains important information about the transition to college, university policies and procedures, and campus resources.

  • Falcon Family Checklist
    Important reminders to consider when preparing for your student's arrival at UWRF.

  • Seasonal Student Issues
    College students go through incredible growth and change. Although each student is different, there are some general patterns to highs and lows of the college year.

  • New Student Programs
    Familiarize yourself with all the
    new student programs that support your student during their first-year experience.
  • Campus Resources
    Learn more about the campus resources that are available to support your student during their UWRF experience.

  • River Falls Area Lodging
    Need a place to stay when visiting your student?  Check out the guide to River Falls area lodging.

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