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to the UWRF Physics Department, part of the University of Wisconsin System's Center of Excellence for Undergraduate Physics and Chemistry. 

We are dedicated to helping students learn physics by providing a rigorous curriculum within a supportive environment.

Our mission includes excellent teaching, individualized advising, quality scholarship and public outreach. 


Girls in Science

  • UW-River Falls to host Girls in Science:  Seeing, Creating, Inventing, Exploring, Naming, Cooperating, and Experimenting event on Saturday, April 16
  • UW-River Falls hosted the 5th Annual Science Olympiad Border Battle on Saturday, January 23, 2016.
  • Scholarship opportunities exist to help support your studies. 

What does a physics major do?

Check out the incredibly diverse careers using physics.

Latest News...

March 9 - 8:00 PM, Centennial Science Hall 271
"Tour of Antarctic Astrophysics" presented by Dr. Jim Madsen

March 30 - 5:15 PM, Agricultural Science 200
"What Would Life on Mars Look Like" presented by Thomas Hickson, University of St. Thomas
Thomas Hickson is professor of geology and environmental science at the University of St. Thomas.  He graduated from Stanford University in 1999 and completed a post-doc at the St. Anthony Falls Lab immediately before coming on board the St. Thomas faculty in 2000.  He is engaged in active collaborative scholarship with undergraduate students to understand the tectonics, paleoclimate, and landscape evolution of the Lake Mead region (Nevada) during the Miocene.

May 2 - 8:00 PM, Centennial Science Hall 271
"Who Really Discovered the Expansion of the Universe?" presented by Dr. Rellen Hardtke


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