Coaching Minor

Minor Requirements 23 Total Credits

Required Courses: 18 cr. hrs.

EXSS 465 Scientific Principles of Conditioning 3 cr.
HEAL 262 Human Anatomy and Physiology 3 cr.
(or HEAL 263 and HEAL 366)
P ED 213 Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury 2 cr.
P ED 354 Biomechanics 3 cr.
P ED 363 Psychology of Coaching 3 cr.
P ED 472 Coaching Practicum 3 cr.
SFED 200 First Aid and Basic Life Support .5 cr.

Coaching Theory Classes: 6 cr. hrs.

Required to take at least two coaching theory classes.
P ED 356 Tennis Coaching 2 cr.
P ED 358 Track Coaching 2 cr.
P ED 359 Volleyball Coaching 2 cr.
P ED 365 Football Coaching 2 cr.
P ED 366 Swimming Coaching 2 cr.
P ED 367 Basketball Coaching 2 cr.
P ED 368 Ice Hockey Coaching 2 cr.
P ED 369 Baseball/Softball Coaching 2 cr.

Students may satisfy this 6 cr. requirement by choosing a maximum of 2 cr. from the following or taking an additional coaching theory class:

P ED 166 Football Officiating 1 cr.
P ED 167 Basketball Officiating 1 cr.
P ED 270 Athletic Training Practicum 2 cr.
P ED 351 Coaching Young Athletes 2 cr.


Department of Health and Human Performance

111 Karges Center

Chair-Joe O'Kroy, Jeff Berkhof, Rob Confessore, Matt Ebner, Ken Ecker, Gary Eloranta, Patti Ford, Steve Freeman, Stacy Furness, James Gostomski, Cindy Holbrook, Faye Perkins, Robert Ritzer, Jodee Schaben, Paul Shirilla, Matt Walker, Jake Wissing