165+ Credit Surcharge (FS 8.2.28)
2 Year Residency Policy
Ability Services
Absence: Military Service (FS
Absence: Religious Observances (FS 8.2.11)
Absence: Special Events and Convocations (FS 8.2.13)
Absence: University Sponsored Off-campus Activities and Field Trips (FS 8.2.12)
Academic Benefits Opportunities and Rewards (FS 8.10)
Academic Calendar
Academic Disciplinary Procedures - Student (FS 8.2.27)
Academic Honors Regalia (FS 8.2.25)
Academic Load / Excess Load Policy
Academic Merit (FS 8.2.24)
Academic Staff Promotion/Title Change for Instructional and Non-Instructional Staff (AP-06-103)
Academic Suspension and Probation Policy
Academic Suspension Appeal
Acceptable Usage - Technology Resources
Acceptable Use Policy (AP-05-106)
Access, Use and Retention of Social Security Numbers (AP-01-106)
Admissions Standards
Admittance to Class (FS 8.2.6)
Advanced Placement (AP) Course List
Advertising and Sponsorship in University Print and Online Publications (AP-01-109)
Advertising, Sponsorship and Promotion of Alcohol and Tobacco Products on Campus (AP-01-107)
Advising (FS 8.7)
Alcohol Beverages on Campus (AP-01-303)
Americans with Disabilities Act (FS 7.8)
Annual Program Revenue Balance Policy (AP-02-108)
Annual Security Report
Appeal of Grades or Other Academic Matters - Student (FS 8.2.18)
Athletic Camps and Clinics (AP-01-104)
Auditing Classes (FS 8.2.6)
Bad Check Policy (AP-02-104)
Bookstore (FS 8.8.3)
Building Access (AP-04-101)
Business Activities (AP-02-101)
Campus Computer Replacement (AP-05-103)
Campus Naming Policy (AP-01-402)
CBE Policies
Centralized Position Management Policy (AP-06-112)
Chargeback of Physical Plant Services (AP-01-102)
Class Absence due to Military Service (FS
Clothing Purchases for Staff Use in Departments (AP-02-109)
Code of Conduct
Collection of Indirect (Overhead) Costs (AP-02-102)
College Credit for High School Students
College Level Examination Program (CLEP)
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Examinations (FS 8.2.22)
Commencement Participation (FS 8.2.24)
Computer Software Copyright Violation (FS 7.19)
Computer Software Use (AP-05-101)
Concealed Carry Policy
Conduct Policies
Conflict of Interest/Financial Disclosure (AP-01-204)
Consensual Relationships Statement (FS 7.9)
Consequences for Non-Compliance Management Policy (AP-06-113)
Consortium Agreement Policy
Conversion of Incompletes Prior to 1990 and 2002 (FS 8.2.27)
Copyright (FS 7.18)
Copyrighted Material, Use of  (AP-01-209)
Credit Transfer and Advising Tools
Criminal Background Checks (AP-06-106)
Dangerous Weapons on Campus (AP-07-103)
Dates, Calendars, Final Exam Schedules
Discretionary Equity or Retention Adjustment -Classified Staff (AP-06-107)
Discretionary Merit Compensation-Classified Staff (AP-06-104)
Dispensing of Hearing Aids (AP-08-101)
Distribution of Indirect (Overhead) Costs (AP-02-103)
Drop and Add Policy for Spring and Fall Semester (FS 8.2.8)
Emeriti Status for Unclassified Staff (Faculty/Academic Staff) (AP-01-210)
Employee Accident Injury (AP-06-102)
Employee Requested Tuition Reimbursement (AP-01-113)
Equal Opportunity (FS 7.2)
Excess Credit Policy
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Final Examinations (FS 8.2.13)
Final Grade Policy for J-Term and Summer Sessions
Final Grades (FS 8.2.15)
Fleet Vehicle Use (FS 7.17)
Fleet Vehicles (AP-04-102)
Full-Time Status with a Reduced Course Load (AP-01-212)
Grades and Honor Points (FS 8.2.16)
Grades, Grade Reports, and GPA
Harassment and Other Discriminatory Conduct (FS 7.4)
Health Insurance Marketplace Notice (AP-06-109)
Health Insurance Requirement for International Students (AP-01-206)
Hiring Wisconsin Retirement System Annuitants (AP-06-105)
Honored Retiree Status for Classified Employees (AP-01-205)
Honors Program (FS 8.4)
Honors Program Credit in Specific Cases (FS 8.2.30)
Immigrant Visa Applications (AP-06-101)
Inclement Weather Practice (AP-01-202)
Information Security (AP-05-301)
Injuries (FS 7.15)
In-Line Skates and Skateboarding (AP-07-105)
Instructional Support and Services (FS 8.8)
Instructor Supplies (FS 8.8.4)
Interim grades: Incomplete, Satisfactory Progress (FS 8.2.18)
International Baccalaureate (IB) Course List
International Education and Globalization Programs and Activities (AP-01-203)
International Student Tuition Remission Policy (AP-01-111)
Internships, Professional Experiences, Field Experience, Cooperative Extension (FS 8.5)
Late Fee Policy (AP-02-110)
Leaving UW-River Falls
Library (FS 8.8.2)
Licensing of UWRF Registered Marks (AP-01-108)
Medical Excuse Policy
Medical Withdrawal
Name Change Policy
Nepotism (FS 7.12)
Non Discrimination - Chancellor's Statement (FS 7.3)
Non Discrimination - General (FS 7.1)
Open Flame (AP-03-103)
Open Meeting Law (FS 7.11)
Outreach (Extension) Courses (FS 8.3)
Outreach Courses, Determination of (AP-01-211)
Outreach Residual Funds (AP-01-207)
Overhead Cost Assessment for Program Revenue Activities (AP-02-107)
Overload Compensation Policy (AP-06-108)
Parking Regulations (AP-07-102)
Pass-Fail Privilege for Undergraduate Students (FS 8.2.8)
Plan an Event
Policy for Children in the Workplace AP-01-117
Postal Policy (AP-04-103)
Prerequisites (FS 8.2.4)
Property, Non-University-Owned (FS 7.16)
Reasonable Accommodations (FS 7.7)
Records Hold (Financial) (AP-02-105)
Records Management Program (AP-01-201)
Repeated Courses
Repeated Courses (FS 8.2.21)
Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect AP-01-114
Requirement for a Mandatory Residential Dining Plan (AP-01-301)
Requirement for Mandatory Housing (AP-01-302)
Residency For Tuition Purposes
Return of Title IV Funds Policy
Reuse Policy for Replaced Computers (AP-05-102)
Risk Management Policy (AP-03-101)
Risk Management Policy (FS 7.13)
Safety and Health (FS 7.14)
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Scheduling of Classes (FS 8.2.2)
Scientific Misconduct (FS 7.10)
Segregated Fee Assessment/Waiver (AP-01-110)
Sexual Assault and Harassment, Resources and Services
Sexual Harassment : 1990 Code of Conduct (FS 7.5)
Shared Radio Spectrum Management and Coordination (AP-05-104)
Sign Posting (AP-01-101)
Social Media (AP-01-112)
Space Heaters (AP-03-104)
Special Course Fees (FS 8.2.5)
Student Conduct
Student Directory Information
Student Withdrawal (FS 8.2.10)
Study Abroad Programs (FS 8.6)
Summer Session and J-Term (AP-01-208)
Suspension and Probation Policy (FS 8.2.20)
Syllabi (FS 8.2.3)
Telecommunications Management (AP-05-105)
Temporary Employment (AP-06-111)
Terms and Conditions of Residence Hall Contract
Test-Out Program (FS 8.2.22)
Textbook Services (FS 8.8.1)
Tobacco-Free Campus (AP-01-116)
Transfer Credit Policy
Transfer Information
Tuition Rates (AP-02-106)
Unofficial Withdrawal
Unofficial Withdrawal Policy
Use of University Facilities (AP-01-103)
Utility Vehicle (AP-03-102)
Wireless Handheld and Data Services (AP-05-201)
Withdrawal from the University
Withdrawal Policy for Title IV Aid Purposes, Unofficial (FS 8.2.17)

(AP) indicates an Administrative Policy

(FS) are policies included in the Faculty and Academic Staff Handbook

Board of Regents Policies