Equipment Rental Policy

Falcon Outdoor Adventures (FOA) offers outdoor recreation equipment rental to the campus and River Falls community. Rentals periods and rates vary from daily, weekend, and weekly as well as the ability to accommodate for extended rentals. Renters take full responsibility and assume proper care and use of the equipment released by FOA. Additionally, renters take full financial responsibility of the equipment rented to me in the event of theft, loss, accident, misuse or damage beyond reasonable wear and tear as determined by the FOA Staff

UWRF students are authorized to receive free rentals from Falcon Outdoor Adventures under these conditions:

  • Free rental is for the rate of one week maximum.  If interested in equipment for more than one week, student is responsible for the additional fees (per day, weekend, or week) at the regular UWRF rates.
  • Students are allowed to check out only one of any one type of rental item (at no charge) at a time. For example, a student can check out only one sleeping bag for free and not two. This is a student privilege only and not to be extended to friends or family.
  • Before a student can take out equipment, all information must be completed on the reservation by a Falcon Outdoor Adventure staff member or professional staff member.
  • Students are responsible for the replacement cost for any lost or stolen items checked out and/or the parts and labor cost for any damaged items.
  • All equipment must be inspected by Falcon Outdoor Adventures staff or professional staff upon return to access condition of equipment.
  • Equipment may be reserved in advance.  However, if a paying customer wishes to rent out that piece of equipment, they will be given priority. Every effort will be made to notify you within reason and give you the opportunity to pay for the rental of equipment if so desired.
  • If interested in a departmental or student organization group outing, please contact the Assistant Director of Campus Recreation to discuss group reservations and equipment uses.

Remember that free rental is a UWRF student privilege.  However, like any privilege, it can be revoked if abused. Take care of the rented equipment. Treat it with respect and return it the way you received it. Make sure the paper work is filled out correctly, be responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen goods, get the equipment back in at the due date and time, and be respectful of the rental center staff assisting with rental and inspection of the equipment. Failure to pay fees or return equipment will result in a hold or charge on student accounts.

Late Fee Policy

Late fees will be charged ($5/day) for all gear that is returned past the due date noted on the Rental Agreement. Only weekdays (operational Rental Center days) will be charged. For example, if equipment is due on a Friday and not returned until Monday, $5 (not $15) would be charged.

Cleaning Fee Policy

A Cleaning fee will be charged ($15) for items returned dirty and in need of cleaning. Customers are expected to return gear in the clean condition it was checked out to them in. Wet/muddy equipment and coal/food covered cookware or dishes will not be tolerated.

Damage Fee Policy

Damage fees (minimum $20, maximum equivalent to the replacement cost of the item) will be assessed for each item that is damaged beyond "normal wear and tear" for the item rented and duration of the rental period.

Lost/Stolen/Outstanding Gear Fee Policy

Full replacement cost of rented gear will be charged to renters for equipment that is lost, outstanding, or stolen. Any equipment unreturned after two weeks beyond the due date will be charged in full replacement cost to UWRF student accounts.

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