Dance Minor

Minor Requirements 24 credits

Required for Performance and Education Options
DANC 120 Somatic Practices for the Performing Arts 3 cr.
DANC 150 Improvisation for the Performing Arts 2 cr.
DANC 180 Applied Dance Technique  1 cr.
DANC 221 Contemporary Dance Technique 2 cr.
DANC 224 Ballet I 1 cr.
DANC 226 Ballet II 1 cr.
DANC 250 Dance Composition: An Interrelated Arts Approach 3 cr.
DANC 260 Dance Production/Repertory 3 cr.
DANC 310 Jazz and Tap Technique 2 cr.
THEA 333 Stage Lighting 3 cr.

Required for Performance Option
DANC 307 Social Dance II 2 cr.
DANC 350 Choreographic Project 1 cr.

Required for Education Option
DANC 320 Dance Pedagogy 3 cr.

Required Supporting Courses 
DANC 100 Dance Appreciation 3 cr.
DANC 107 Social Dance .5 cr.
DANC 110 Basic Jazz Dance .5 cr.

Department of Communication Studies and Theatre Arts

B-24 Kleinpell Fine Arts

Communication Studies: Jennifer Willis-Rivera (Chair), Grace Coggio, Eric Eberhardt, Sean Larson, Sarah Lechowich, Steve Phalen, Angie Siwik

Digital Film and Television: Jim Zimmerman, Erik Johnson 

Dance Education: Karla Zhe, Mari Kline, Marius Andahazy

Theatre Arts: Robin Murray (Chair), Ken Stofferahn, Jim Zimmerman, Sean Dooley, Maddie Weber (Costume Designer)