Indoor Track

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200-meter indoor track:

  • Mondo Super X Premium surface that provides increased comfort, safety and athletic performance.
  • Great for walking and jogging.
  • Perfect for all levels of track and field competition.

Please be considerate of those sharing the track with you by following these guidelines:


Approximate number of laps to complete 1 mile

Lane 1
8 Laps
Leave open to avoid contact with perimeter net
Lane 2
7 3/4 Laps
Fast paced runners
Lane 3
7 1/2 Laps
Fast paced runners
Lane 4
7 1/2 Laps
Slow paced runners and joggers
Lane 5
7 1/4 Laps
Slow paced runners and joggers
Lane 6
7 Laps
Slow paced joggers, walkers, and cool down

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