Common Spot Training

Welcome to CMS Training! 

This site has been developed as a tool for training and as a reference guide. It includes instructions and screen shots showing various tasks associated with maintaining your web pages.

You may sign up for training to get access to the Student Pages child site that appears in the left-side navigation. Once your account is created, you will have access to work in the Student Pages child site.

Click the "Documentation" link and read "Before You Begin . . ."

This provides information regarding university style rules that should be followed.

Once you have read the first page, follow the links in order to learn how to author a page.

Read through all the instructions.

You may then click the Student Pages link and start by creating a new page as shown in Documentation. You may want to have a separate browser window open as you follow the instructions.

Do as much as you are comfortable trying. 

Not everything is included in the documentation yet. 

When you are ready, schedule a meeting to review your progress and complete the training. Instructions will have been sent to you after you submitted the training request form. You should need 1-2 hours, depending on how much you accomplished.

Woolsey, Mike
Mike Woolsey

Pete Reese
Peter Reese

Shane O'Malley Potting
Shane O'Malley-Potting