Human Resources


Please note some forms are employee group specific (noted behind form name). 

Employee Groups are Academic Staff (Non-Instructional/Teaching and Instructional/Teaching), Faculty and University Staff (including Project or Temporary employees).


Forms A-Z

Accommodation Request

Additional Payment Request - Unclassified Staff (Only)

Academic Staff Major Change in Duties Application

Business Title Request

Catastrophic Leave Donor Authorization

Catastrophic Leave Request

Change of Address (Home) use MyUW System

Complaint Form - University Staff

Course Assignment - Instructional Academic Staff

Criminal Background Check Request

Department Name Change

Direct Deposit MyUW

Emergency Contact Information

Employee Grievance Report

Employee's Work Injury Forms

Expanded Job Description

Health Insurance Information Change

Intent to Donate Human Bone Marrow

Inter-Institutional Financial Transactions Policy

Inter-Institutional Employment Overload Request

Leave of Absence Request

Merit Application Form - Academic Staff

Military Leave - Certification for Qualifying Exigency for Military Family Leave

Military Leave - Certification for Serious Injury or Illness of a Current Service Member for Military Leave

Offboarding Checklist 

Personnel Change Request

Project Employee Acknowledgment

Promotion/Title Change Application - Non-Instructional Academic Staff

Rehired Annuitant Election Form

Request to Hire Ad Hoc (includes Course Assignment)

Request to Recruit

Salary Reduction Agreement 

Summer Appointment Form (use for Summer Only)

Telecommuting/Remote Work Agreement

Temporary Employee Acknowledgment

Time and Absence Approver Change

University Staff Appeal Form (Career Progression/Title Change/Major Change

University Staff Career Progression/Title Change/Major Change Request Form

University Staff Merit Form

University Staff Salary Adjustment/Additional Pay

Voluntary Furlough Request 

W-4 Employee's Withholding Certificate

W-4 Supplemental

Wisconsin WT-4

Worker's Compensation

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