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Effective performance management provides employees with clear objectives, ongoing and valuable feedback, and recognition for work well done.  The University of Wisconsin – River Falls is committed to supporting all employees to meet their career and professional goals, as well as supporting the university’s need to maintain a high-performing workforce.

Effective performance evaluations ensure that each employees’ job performance is in alignment university’s mission, vision and values as well as those of the UW System.   All employees, other than employees-in-training and student hourly employees, will participate in the performance management process. This process will foster continued improvement in the work performance of UW System employees and serve as a component in the determination of merit-based salary adjustments for eligible employees (faculty, academic staff, university staff, and limited appointees).   

Performance Management will be administered in a manner compliant with UW System Administration Policy 1254.


Electronic Performance Evaluations - ePerformance in HRS

 Performance Management has moved to ePerformance in our HR System for:

  • Faculty merit and Instructional Academic Staff annual evaluations 
  • Non-Instructional Academic Staff, University Staff, and Limited Appointee annual evaluations 


Performance Management by Classification 

Step 1: Define Criteria (due August 4th) Input SMART Goals for FY '24 (EE & MGR). Responsibilities tab optional.


Employee Video (5 min)

Manager Video (6 min)

Tip Sheet

Overview of Define Criteria step Employee (Tip Sheet)

Overview of Define Criteria step Manager (Tip Sheet)

How to Add/Edit/Delete SMART Goals (Tip Sheet)

Step 2: Checkpoint (Optional - due January 12th) Discuss & make adjustments to established SMART Goals (EE & MGR). Comments open.

Tip Sheets



Step 3: Finalize Criteria (Optional - due March 29th Discuss, make adjustments to, and finalize established SMART Goals (EE & MGR). Comments open.

Tip Sheets



Step 4: Employee Self-Evaluation (Due May10th) Completing the Self Evaluation allows employees to provide input and feedback on their performance. Comments, ratings and attachments from a completed Self Evaluation are visible in the Manager Evaluation.

Employee Tip Sheet (UW System)

Employee Tip Sheet (UWRF)

Step 5: Manager Evaluation (due May 31st) The manager will complete the evaluation and share the document with the employee. Once the document has been shared all comments, ratings and attachments can be reviewed. 

Manager Tip Sheet

Final Step: Employee Acknowledgement of Manager Evaluation (due May 31st) The employee may include additional comments prior to acknowledging the document (signing electronically). Completed documents are automatically saved in 'Historical Documents' in ePerformance for employees/managers and the employee's electronic personnel file.

Employee Tip Sheet


General ePerformance Resources

UW System Administrative Policy 1254: Performance Management

Faculty & Staff Handbook

  • 5.3 - Faculty Merit Rating
  • 6.6.2 - Instructional Academic Staff Performance Evaluation
  • 7.8 - University Staff Performance Management

Classroom Observation Form (Instructional Academic Staff)


ePerformance Timeline

Faculty Self-Evaluation (optional) Faculty Member 4/5/2024
Manager Evaluation Department Chair 5/10/2024
Evaluation Meeting Faculty Member/Department Chair 5/10/2024
Employee Acknowledgement Faculty Member 5/10/2024
Instructional Academic Staff (Fall Appointments Only) Self-Evaluation (optional) IAS Member 11/29/2023
Manager Evaluation Department Chair 12/20/2023
Evaluation Meeting IAS Member/Department Chair 12/29/2023
Employee Acknowledgement IAS Member 12/29/2023
Instructional Academic Staff Self-Evaluation (optional) IAS Member 4/5/2024
Manager Evaluation Department Chair 5/10/2024
Evaluation Meeting IAS Member/Department Chair 5/10/2024
Employee Acknowledgement IAS Member 5/10/2024
Non-Instructional AS, University Staff, and Limited Appointees Define Criteria Employee and Manager 8/4/2023
Checkpoint (optional) Employee and Manager 1/12/2024
Finalize Criteria Employee and Manager 3/29/2024
Self-Evaluation Employee  5/10/2024
Manager Evaluation Manager 05/31/2024
Evaluation Meeting Employee and Manager 05/31/2024
Employee Acknowledgement Employee 05/31/2024

There are a number of emails that are AUTOMATICALLY sent when a button is clicked or a deadline is approaching and a step is not completed.

  • What: Reminder email notifications sent to employees and managers when a step due date is approaching. *Fall-only appointments do not have automatic reminders.
  • When: 30, 15 and/or 7 days before the step due date, unless the step has already been completed.
  • Important: Both types of system-driven emails (due date reminders and result of button pushes) come from

Additional emails may be sent from your Human Resources staff that are not included in the automatic emails. 

For additional information, see a basic overview of Automated Emails.

Local FAQ page.

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