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Compensation will be administered in a manner compliant with UW System Administrative Policy 1277


Merit Based Pay

All merit awards granted shall comply with the procedures in UW System Administrative Procedure 1277.B,

Compensation: Merit Pay.
Merit Academic Staff Policy AP-06-119
Faculty Merit Procedures 5.3
Merit Policy for Limited Appointees AP-06-115
University Staff Merit 7.7.11


Pay Plan

The pay plan will be administered in a manner compliant with UW System Administrative Policy 1278.


Wis. Stat. §230.12(3)(e)

  • Board of Regents does not have authority to approve a pay plan
  • Board of Regents recommends a pay plan to the Administrator of the State’s Division of Personnel Management (DPM)
  • DPM Administrator submits pay plan recommendation to the Legislature’s Joint Committee on Employment Relations (JCOER)
  • Final authority for the approval of a pay plan rests with JCOER

Regent Policy Document 20-21, University Personnel Systems

  • Delegates to the President of the University of Wisconsin System, except for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the authority to formulate operating policies to administer the personnel system

2021-23 Pay Plans

  • The Governor recommended 2% effective January 2022 and an additional 2% effective January 2023.
  • Joint Committee on Employment Relations (JCOER) has final approval
  • JCOER approval will include:
    • Percent increase for each year of the biennium
    • Implementation and effective dates

Faculty, academic staff holding an instructional or non-instructional renewable appointment, limited appointees, and permanent and project university staff not represented by a collective bargaining agreement will be considered for an adjustment, if meeting all required criteria. Temporary employees and academic staff holding an instructional or non-instructional fixed-term terminal appointment are not eligible for pay plan adjustments. Any adjustments for these employee categories will have to be considered outside of the pay plan policy and be funded through the campus budget.

All UW institutions are to distribute the pay increase based on solid performance and merit according to institutional guidelines.

Other important criteria to note:

  • Salary adjustments will be considered only for those hired on or before July 1 of the beginning of the fiscal year pay plan. For example, if there is an approved pay plan increase for 1/1/2022, must be a current employee as of 7/1/2021.
  • Eligibility is based on merit and having a job performance rating of “successfully meets expectations,” “meets standards” or higher on the appropriate performance evaluation. The evaluation must be received in Human Resources by the appropriate deadline prior to the fiscal year distribution effective date.  View review forms at
  • Employees who have received formal progressive discipline within six months prior to July 1 will not be eligible for the fiscal year pay plan.  Increases for employees with an active complaint investigation would be held in abeyance until the investigation is completed and then a determination would be made.
  • All required mandatory training must be completed prior to formal performance evaluation deadline (Data Security & Privacy, Mandated Reporter, Preventing Harassment & Sexual Violence and if applicable, Campus Security Authority).

For more information reference: 2021-23 UWRF Pay Plan Distribution Guidelines

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