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Using Your EAP - November 29, 2022 - 2:00pm CST

This seminar will be offered virtually via Teams to all employees campus wide.  Learn about all the benefits your EAP can bring you - from finding childcare to receiving legal advice and anything in between.  We want to make sure you know the ins and outs of using your EAP and how it can help you in your work and personal life.  Please email to be included in the meeting. 

Diversity in the Workplace - December 7, 2022 - 12:00pm CST - St. Croix Room (321), University Center

All campus staff are invited to join us for an honest and open exchange of how detrimental and unacceptable certain demeaning behaviors are to groups that are different from the majority. The goal is not to attempt to change people’s beliefs on diversity, but instead to change their behavior and reactions to situations.  RSVP's are encouraged, but walk ins are welcome. Please email to RSVP. 

Manager's Guide to Self Care - December 15, 2022 - 2:00pm CST

This seminar will be offered virtually via Webex to all employees campus wide. In order to take care of employees’ physical and mental health, managers must prioritize their own first.  This step-by-step guide will delve into the complexities of this challenge and how to over-come the obstacles to ensure that they are modeling the best possible behavior.  When the manager is focused on self-care and operating at their best the team will also.

Please register by using the link here


Check out the Professional Development or Training Library tiles below for a catalog of past webinars and training sessions.


UW-River Falls believes that learning and growth are a journey and a life-long process. As part of our commitment to your professional and personal development, UWRF offers LinkedIn Learning to current students, faculty, and staff. 

To activate your UWRF LinkedIn Learning account, log in through the UWRF portal and enter your Falcon Account username and password. Your UWRF login provides full access to LinkedIn Learning without the need to set up an individual subscription account or individual billing with LinkedIn. 

Additional information on LinkedIn Learning, and support from DoTS, can be found here.

Get out there, explore, and learn! Be on the lookout for regular learning suggestions and challenges posed in the Falcon Daily, this page, and through the LinkedIn Learning portal. 

Below are a few sample courses to get started:

How to Use LinkedIn Learning (43 min)

Six Morning Habits of High Performers (23 min)

Uncovering Your Authentic Self at Work (28 min)


Professional development is offered through the Upper Midwest Higher Ed Recruitment Consortium, of which UW-River Falls is a member.  Because of our membership, our students and staff have access to a variety of ever-changing professional development opportunities.


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Our Employee Assistance Program offers many great resources ranging from on-demand webinars to direct, confindential support. For more information on Kepro and how to set up an account, visit the EAP webpage here

Expansive Impact Leadership Development Program (10/25 & 10/26)  Registration Required. 

At UW-River Falls, we are committed to promoting a campus culture that reflects our values of safety and nondiscrimination, and where our community can work, live, and learn in a productive and supportive environment. We all have an obligation to act in accordance with legal standards and ethical principles. In order to ensure that you are best prepared to fulfill these obligations for the benefit of yourself, your colleagues and students, the following web-based training courses must be completed within 30 days of start date. Recurrent training requirements for current employees are specified below.

Employees will receive an email from assigning training for the following three sessions:

- Data Security & Privacy (securing data and information technology) *required annually
- Title IX (sexual harassment/sexual discrimination) *required every three years
- Mandated Reporter (reporting of child abuse and neglect, Executive Order #54)

Public Records Training is also recommended every three years Click here to access the session:

Wisconsin Public Records Law Basics

(Please ignore the reference to a quiz at the end of the training.)  
Additional information can be found in the Wisconsin Public Records Law Compliance Guide.

If you are experiencing technical difficulty accessing any of your coursework, please use the following links:

Mandatory Employee Training General Information
Mandatory Employee Training Overview (video)Enroll in Mandatory Training Courses (tipsheet)

or email

Please review the list of past training opportunities below to access the associated resources.

Gratitude (11/21/2022)

Making Meetings Effective (01/19/22)

Suicide Prevention (12/17/21)

Suicide Awareness and Prevention for Managers (12/15/21)

Fostering Inclusion in the Workplace (12/03/21)

How to be an Inclusive Leader (12/01/21)

Communication Skills for the Workplace (11/12/21)

Communication for Managers (11/10/21)

Conflict Management for Employees (10/29/21)

Effective Performance Appraisals (10/26/21)

Conflict Management for Managers (10/22/21)

University Employee Ethics (9/15/21)

Freedom of Speech (9/15/21)


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