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For new skaters under the age of 6, we recommend starting them in figure skates to learn proper balance and technique, even if they want to become a hockey player.  We suggest switching back to hockey skates when they are comfortable doing crossovers.  We highly discourage double bladed skates.

Hunt Arena rents both hockey and figure skates for $3 per day.

Make sure to dress warm with a pair of gloves.  Snow pants might be a good idea for beginners.  We recommend, but don't require a helmet.  Hockey or biking helmets work well.

We do not offer a discount for families with multiple skate school students; however, all skate school students are able to utilize our open skate times for FREE!

Due to high volume, we no longer offer make-up lessons.  You may, however, try for a different time slot one week, if needed.  The free Open Skate pass should cover any missed ice time.

Private lessons can start as early as needed.  The private lessons are more expensive than group lessons, but offer one-on-one attention some skaters need to excel.  Fees for private lessons go towards the ice rental time and coach's private lesson fee.  Please see the Coaches tab for a list of available coaches.

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Hunt Arena Skate School

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