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URSCA Fall Gala

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2020 - Virtual 

An annual fall showcase event to celebrate undergraduate research, scholarly, and creative activity at UWRF. All disciplines are invited to present their work through research posters, oral presentations, artwork, short films and interactive research displays. All of the UWRF campus including their families, alumni and community members are invited to attend and engage with the undergraduate research, scholarly, and creative activity that is happening at UWRF. This family-friendly event is free and open to the public.

This year we are doing our part to keep our campus safe and go virtual! The Fall Gala this year will be taking place on Microsoft Teams. Before the Fall Gala, students will be submitting a video presentation for viewers to see. During the night of the Fall Gala, students will be grouped into different channels where they will be able to share and further discuss their projects. Attendees will be able to join these different channels and engage with student presenters with any comments or questions they may have about a particular project. 

We hope to mimic features of the in-person gala and make it as exciting as our previous years! 



The Fall Gala will be held virtually this year through Microsoft Teams.

All presenting students and attendees will register here.

Only the people who are registered will receive the links to the event. We will also be checking the guest list and monitoring for appropriate activity.

If you are a guest, you do not need to download MS Teams. You will be able to view it from your browser.

If you are a presenting student, you have access to download the MS Teams app. Please contact DoTs for assistance.

No. This event is free for all guests and presenters.

Yes. All they need to do is register to attend so that we can send them the secure link.

Before the event, students' presentation videos will be uploaded onto the URSCA webpage. Everyone will be able to view the presentations before the event. On the day of the event, students will be split into different groups and be able to discuss among themselves about their projects while guests will be able to join and ask their questions.

No, we are allowing students to be creative in their way of creating their presentation video.

For examples, please visit the Virtual Spring Gala.

We ask that you try to keep your video as close to 5 minutes as possible. If you would like people to have access to a poster you have created already or a paper with more extensive details, you can always attach a QR code to the end of your presentation.



Student Presenter

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